Herd of cattle statues invade Brighton beach

Posted On 29 Feb 2016 at 12:20 pm

A herd of cattle were spotted on Brighton beach this morning – but the cows were not grazing on the shingle, they were statues placed there to promote a new brand of milk.

By John Nguyn/PA Wire

By John Nguyn/PA Wire

The 14 yellow and white sculptures were placed there by Arla, which has launched a new yellow top milk which is skimmed milk engineered to taste like semi-skimmed.

  1. John Medhurst Reply

    Copycats ! (or should it be CopyCows),

    Morrinsville New Zealand got there first, with about 40 cows placed strategically around the town, all with unique on-off artwork.


    The ones shown in the above link were at the “unveiling” ceremony in the Wallace Gallery, prior to mounting on their concrete plinths around the town.

    Old Possum

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