Cat and mural games over Starbucks’ North Laine ad continue

Posted On 01 Dec 2016 at 4:55 pm

More paint has been deployed in the battle of the street artists over a controversial Starbucks mural in the North Laine.

Yesterday, Brighton and Hove News reported that two murals advertising the multinational coffee chain’s red winter cups had been painted over and defaced in the space of a week.

This morning, yet another mural appeared on the building on the corner of Trafalgar Lane and Gloucester Road, this time with a pointed message: “Starbucks should’ve paid taxes”.

However, by this afternoon that too had been painted, and the wall is currently completely black, awaiting the next instalment in the graffiti war.

This morning’s mural replaced the Starbucks Twitter hashtag with a Small Batch one, but the Brighton-born chain insisted it had nothing to do with the message.

  1. Support local Reply

    I agree Starbucks should pay tax and I for one would never buy anything from them. I do however think that instead of defacing an ad that artists actually got paid to do, the rebellious artist would be better off destroying the facade of the Starbucks coffee shop.

    • Al Bion-Street Reply

      That’s a rather inciteful comment, surely?

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