Brighton graffiti artist reclaims wall from Starbucks

Posted On 05 Dec 2016 at 3:30 pm

A well-known graffiti artist has reclaimed a wall used to paint a Starbucks advert after the coffee chain’s mural was repeatedly defaced.

Snub23 painted the imposing robot on the side of the Magpie Emporium store on the corner of Trafalgar Lane and Gloucester Road on Friday, and posted a picture of it on his Facebook page proclaiming: “This wall is mine.”

The mural has apparently brought an end to the series of defacements and alternative murals painted over the Starbucks advert, which replicated the multinational chain’s red winter takeaway cups.

Days after it first appeared, the logo was defaced by paint splats, and rats drinking coffee were painted over the design, complete with expletives aimed at Starbucks.

The winter cups mural was repainted in an alternative design, but this was again targeted, with a new mural later painted telling Starbucks to pay its taxes – later obliterated and repainted, with the words “I’ve got plenty of paint” added.

But with Snub23’s artwork remaining untouched three days later, it appears the graffiti war is now over.

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