Choccywoccydoodah went bust over ‘increased costs and declining margins’

Posted On 15 May 2019 at 11:20 am

Choccywoccydoodah by branestawn2002 on Creative Commons

Choccywoccydoodah went bust because of a “challenging trading environment, increased costs and declining margins” it was revealed today.

Business advisory firm Quantuma confirmed it had been appointed by the Brighton chocolatier to place the company into voluntary liquidation.

News of the Lanes shop’s demise shocked Brighton and Hove last week, but it was particularly devastating for couples who had commissioned wedding cakes and paid deposits of hundreds of pounds.

One, Nicole Sumpter, said: “It’s not great for people like me who have to find a new supplier and are £1,000 down with two weeks to go.”

Emily-Jane Moore said: “We are due to get married in November and they were due to make our wedding cake and we paid them £500 in deposit.

“The full cost of the cake was £1,400-ish off the top of my head. We’ve been told it is in administration, if the bank can’t pay we need to claim on liquidation but looking at the finances there won’t be anything left for us.”

Sean Bucknall and Brian Burke at Quantuma have been instructed by the directors of Choccywoccydoodah Limited to assist in placing the company into Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation and winding up the company. All operations have ceased and both shops have now closed.

Sean Bucknall, Partner at Quantuma, said: “Due to financial difficulties as a result of a challenging trading environment, increased costs and declining margins, Quantuma has been instructed by the directors to assist in placing the company into liquidation.

“Quantuma has been in contact with customers that have been affected and will endeavour to make this a smooth a process as possible for all stakeholders.”

Founded in 2001, Choccywoccydoodah had a shop in Meeting House Lane, where it moved to from its Duke Street store, and had recently opened a three-storey flagship store in Covent Garden, London.

  1. Get in the Sea Reply

    Another business destroyed by greed, Brexit and austerity

  2. ... Reply

    £1400 for a cake. Give your head a wobble.

  3. j penny Reply

    This company has just taken our hard earnt cash for a party this weekend when they would have known what they were planning they disgust me, can see the large divedends on company house the directors took…greed and no respect for their customers who trusted their name

  4. SteiffCollector Reply

    Obviously it’s never good to hear about another uk business folding, but perhaps we should also not forget to consider the employees that were working between the two outlets, they are all out of a job now and I can’t begin to imagine how stressful it must be for them right now!
    After reading some other comments, in particular those from customers, having placed orders, commissions and paid deposits etc, it is rather questionable as to why the business owners were still taking these, especially during the period when it would have been quite obvious to the outcome of the business as a whole! They would have been taking not only financial advice but legal advice too, but when has there been any such consideration for their customers?
    I would like to wish every member of staff all the very best and hope that you can all gain employment elsewhere soon.
    Be such a shame to not see any more of Dave and the guys on tv as well, as really enjoyed seeing all the amazing creativity, some simply stunning creations!
    I have also had the pleasure in visiting the Brighton store and have had a birthday cake made for my daughter, which was incredible!
    Good luck to you all.

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