Owner plans to squeeze house on to tiny corner plot

Plans to build a three-storey house in a Brighton cul de sac are due to go before councillors next week.

Officials have recommended granting planning permission for the application to build the property which would have three bedrooms, a car port and a roof terrace but no garden.

The applicant, Paige Chipper, of Harbourside Inn, Fort Road, Newhaven, wants to make use of a small vacant corner plot which is currently used for parking.

Her plans for the plot in Ridgeway Gardens, off the Ridgway, in Woodingdean, have attracted six objections.

One person, whose details were redacted on Brighton and Hove City Council’s website, said: “The cul de sac is very congested and the area in question is required for space to park and turn and give adequate space between properties.

“Wildlife is very dense in the area described and it would destroy many homes for nesting birds and other wildlife.

“Views would be ruined for properties behind the new build and neighbouring gardens would be overlooked.”

Another anonymous objector wrote: “Adjoining residents will suffer overshadowing, overlooking or loss of privacy.

“The roof terrace will allow a view into the back garden of 9 Ridgeway Gardens leading to a loss of privacy for the residents there.”

The council’s Planning Committee is due to decide the plans at a meeting next Wednesday (1 April) at Hove Town Hall.

The vacant corner plot in Ridgeway Gardens

The meeting is scheduled to start at 2pm and should be webcast at present.brighton-hove.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=118&MId=9622.

  1. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    The round wall is elegant. A more interesting building than the ticky-tacky stuff in the background.

  2. Billy Reply

    What a load of nimbys, go onto Google street view, there is NO overlooking at all to other buildings (3 storey house next door has no windows in side wall), the turning gap in the road is maintained (lorry parked in there and space for another on street view) and is nothing to do with the development anyway, the building in front is a church and you can only see the roof of it from ground level as it’s down the hill and a GIANT probably 30 metre gap on the left, and similar behind to other buildings.

    The objectors are clutching at straws with “nesting for birds” as there are NO trees or bushes on the site which is a concreted private parking space, and a bit of open scrubby mown grass! lol!

  3. roy pennington Reply

    indeed: planning is not a referendum in that one does not count up the objections and supporters ect .. good subject for a thesis / project: look at all of the applications in a given time frame and see if the worse fears had turned it to be groundless, scare mongering ect

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