Student left distressed after Brighton halls staff dump ‘everything she owns’

Posted On 20 Aug 2020 at 11:23 pm

A Brighton University student was today left in distress to find “everything she owns” has been dumped by staff at her halls of residence.

Hannah Mullins

Tonight (Thursday 20 August) the management said sorry and pledged to compensate her for the error.

They also said that they were holding an investigation to find out what went wrong.

Graphic design student Hannah Mullins had to leave the Circus Street halls of residence in March when the coronavirus lockdown was imposed.

In a Facebook post which went viral today, her sister Holly said: “My sister had to come home from her Brighton University halls – Kaplan Living – in March and was not allowed to return due to coronavirus.

“We were told her belongings would be safe in her room until we came to collect them.

“We booked a slot for today 20.08.20.

“Her key wasn’t working firstly.

“When we finally got access to the room it was completely empty of EVERYTHING she owns – cameras, clothes, trainers, personal sentimental items, photos, hundreds of pounds of skincare and make up. All her uni work thrown away.

“She had childhood items in that room which now cannot be replaced. Most importantly her privacy completely invaded as someone has gone through her things without consent.

“Her medication, prescriptions, personal details, bank statements have also been thrown god knows where! Which is a breach of GDPR.

“We then went to reception to ask if it had been stored elsewhere and they couldn’t tell us. They then said, ‘you can look in the bins if you want.’

“So we did. We saw hundreds of black bags full of people’s personal belongings. Clothes, shoes, passports, medication.

Circus Street halls of residence

“We have NO answers and sadly we don’t have her things. Brighton University CANNOT get away with this. Other girls also had their stuff taken including TVs, laptops.

“The kitchens were also completely clear of all belongings. So sad and so disgusted at the lack of care considering she has paid 8 GRAND for somewhere she couldn’t stay for 6 months.”

This evening Kaplan Living Brighton said: “Since mid-June when lockdown was eased, Kaplan Living Brighton have been working closely with the many students who returned home early before the end of term due to the covid-19 pandemic in order to arrange for them to come back and collect their belongings.

“We became aware today that two rooms had been cleared in error and we are currently investigating how that could have happened.

“This should not have occurred and we offer our sincere apologies to the two students affected. We are in touch with them and will of course compensate them for the loss of any items that have been cleared.”

  1. Jemma Reply

    Wow I’ve seen the footage and I’m shocked that Kaplan living are claiming this only happened to two students. Also, have they really contacted Hannah? Really?

  2. Georgina Roddis Reply

    I saw the photos …are they suggesting the 2 students were hoarders ! either that or they had very large rooms to accommodate all stuff
    Have Kaplan not heard of the Data Protection Act either

  3. Alexandra Roddis Reply

    It was more than 2 students, we know of at least 3! And you have never contacted Hannah, she emailed you this morning and still has not had a response! You have answered the press before you have reached out to those affected. Stop lying Kaplan

  4. H Reply

    Kaplan have contacted the press before those affected! Absolutely disgusting company with a lot to answer for. Vile behaviour.

  5. bradly23 Reply

    Kaplan must compensate them for more that just the loss : aggravated damages, breach of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ect

  6. Valerie Reply

    See a lawyer kids! This is mega! And the police and the university who should also face questions about Kaplan Living competence & honesty

  7. Norman leslie Clyde Reply

    So you’re telling me someone cleared out all them people’s rooms changed their locks and nobody knows why anybody done it why it was done who was doing it. You speak of compensation but this is a matter for the court not Brighton university

  8. Joshua Reply

    Has anyone got contact details for Kaplan Living? I’m hoping they can come round and sort out my kids bedrooms

  9. Jen Murray Reply

    This is heartbreaking for the students involved and can never be properly compensated. Kaplan must be punished appropriately. And what kind of person could have done that? The workers involved must also be held to account and retrained in how to act like decent human beings.

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