Not answering letters costs former Hove MP £17k

Posted On 04 Feb 2010 at 8:31 pm

Former Hove MP Ivor Caplin has been told he must cough up more than £17,000 after failing to answer letters sent as part of of a Parliamentary inquiry into MPs allowances.

Sir Thomas Legg wrote to him several times asked him to answer questions about £17,865 he claimed for mortgage interest payments.

After receiving no reply, he says Mr Caplin should replay the full amount.

He wrote:  “No reply has been received from Mr Caplin to a number of letters sent to the address held by the House authorities.

“In default of evidence to support payments for mortgage interest of £17,865.33 for 2004-05 and April 2005, I must regard these payments as having been invalid. Accordingly my recommendation is that Mr Caplin should repay the whole of this sum.”

The enquiry into allowances paid from 2004/5 to 2008/9 has also recommended Brighton Kemptown MP Des Turner repay £4,407 for overpaid mortgage interest and invalid mortgage payment protection claims.

Brighton Pavilion MP David Lepper does not have to repay anything, and Mr Caplin’s successor Celia Barlow, who was exposed by the Telegraph for claiming £28,000 for improvements to her constituency home and moving costs, has already repaid the recommended £635 for a mortgage valuation.

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