Rapist guilty of three Kemp Town attacks – and could be behind more

Posted On 08 May 2010 at 12:36 pm

Police are appealing for women who may have been attacked by this rapist to come forward after he was convicted of two horrifying attacks.

MONSTER: Patrick Geary

Patrick Geary, 39, of Warwick Mount, Montague Street, was still screaming his innocence as he was dragged from the dock at Hove Crown Court after being convicted of two rapes and one attempted rape.

He is due to be sentenced in July – but after comments made by Geary during his interviews, Sussex Police said that he may be responsible for other sexual assaults and appealed for anyone who believes they may have been a victim to contact them.

Geary’s first known victim, a 21-year-old local woman, reported him to the police in February 2007. She had been out partying in a Kemp Town nightclub when she met him.

She went back to Geary’s flat with a friend where she passed out in an armchair. Despite the efforts of her friend, she could not be roused to go home.

The friend then left the flat warning Geary that she would be back for her friend and saying that she knew where he lived.

The victim awoke about an hour later to find Geary trying to rape her. She kicked him away and he stopped. When she left the address she went straight to the police station and reported the incident.

Police arrested and interviewed Geary who denied trying to rape her. Due to lack of witness evidence, Geary was not charged on this occasion and was released pending further enquiries.

The second victim, a 23-year-old woman, was at a family barbecue on Saturday 6 June 2009. She left around 10pm feeling quite drunk.

She sat on a street in Kemp Town talking to a friend on her mobile when Patrick Geary approached her. He took her back to his flat and gave her a cup of tea.

The victim says her memory then went blank and the next thing she remembers is Geary raping her twice. She fled his flat and reported the matter to police.

Patrick Geary was identified by his DNA and promptly arrested. While on bail, police reopened the 2007 rape allegation and the Crown Prosecution Service reviewed both cases. Geary was then charged with two rapes and attempted rape and was remanded in custody.

Throughout the trial at Hove Crown Court which lasted nearly two weeks, Geary was hostile and derogatory to all prosecution witnesses.

He was sent down to the cells on several occasions for his unruly behaviour. The judge stated that there was no doubt that Patrick Geary was an eccentric character but instructed jurors not to allow that to influence their decision.

Throughout the trial Geary denied the allegations, claiming that the woman in the latter rape allegation had become like a “she-wolf” and had forced him into sex. He also claimed that the other woman in was lying and trying to set him up.

The jury dismissed his claims and took just two hours to find him guilty of an attempted rape in 2007 incident and guilty of two rapes in 2009.

On hearing the verdict, Geary became so hostile he was sent to the cells, screaming and claiming it was a conspiracy against him and refusing to accept that the two victims did not know each other.

Detective Constable Tim Craig, of Brighton CID, said: “It took great courage and bravery for both victims to tell the police what happened. Both have shown an amazing strength of character by coming to court and giving evidence about the monstrosities that happened to them.

“There is no doubt in my mind that locking up Patrick Geary will make the streets safer for everyone in Kemp Town and I am grateful to the people who assisted in this to ensure that he is no longer a danger to the public.”

If you have been a victim of Geary, call Brighton police on 0845 6070999, quoting serial 1059 of 07/06/09.

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