Brighton commuters urged to join Fair Fares Now campaign

Posted On 06 Jan 2011 at 1:39 pm

Brighton commuters are being asked to join a new campaign calling for Fair Fares Now.

Members of the Campaign for Better Transport dressed as David Cameron, Nick Clegg and transport minister Phillip Hammond will be at Brighton Station tomorrow morning to launch the campaign here.

They are are calling for cheaper, simpler and fairer train tickets following this week’s steep hike in rail fares.

Lianna Etkind is one of those who will be protesting on Friday. She said: “I travel from Brighton to London to work, and these fare rises are hitting me hard. Pricing people off public transport and into polluting cars is idiotic. The Government should be encouraging people to travel sustainably, not increasing traffic jams.”

The campaigners intend on shaking a moneybag and gloating over the cash they are pinching from commuters.

Commuters travelling from Brighton to London had to stump up an extra £180 for their annual season ticket this week and are likely to have to pay £4,106.58 for their ticket by 2015.

Alexandra Woodsworth, public transport campaigner at Campaign for Better Transport, said: “The astronomical fare rises that passengers face now paying could price many off our railways.

“Reducing road congestion, pollution and providing sustainable and affordable access to employment should be a priority, but instead commuters can expect a fare rise of 25 per cent by the next election.

“Our Fair Fares Now campaign will give the public a voice to protest to the Government about this decision. We were promised ‘fair’ rail fares by the Coalition and this campaign will show how important it is to passengers that the Government keep their promise.”

Actor and comedian Michael Palin was the first to sign up to the Fair Fares Now campaign. He suggested a “better, simpler, more competitive fare structure” was needed.

To join the campaign visit

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