Brighton MP to hold public meeting tonight about travellers

Posted On 16 Sep 2011 at 2:25 pm

A Brighton MP is holding a public meeting about travellers this evening (Friday 16 September).

Simon Kirby, the Conservative MP for Brighton Kemptown, has called the meeting to discuss with constituents the possibility of a future permanent or “tolerated” site in Woodingdean.

He has written to people across the area, and including Ovingdean, inviting them to the meeting at Woodingdean Community Centre at 7pm.

Mr Kirby said: “Over the summer my constituents have become very angry at the cavalier attitude with which the local Green council has dealt with the traveller issue in Woodingdean, East Brighton Park, Black Rock, Duke’s Mound, Wild Park and other parts of Brighton.

“To keep saying previous procedures are being followed is not good enough when other statements from the administration fail to discourage further incursions.

“The council is looking at sites across the city and has not ruled out any particular site.

“That is why I have called a public meeting so that my constituents can let me have their views about Happy Valley in Woodingdean.

“I have invited representatives from Brighton and Hove City Council and the police to attend the meeting and officials will be present.

“I hope as many of my constituents as possible will attend.”

The council said that it had issued a 28-day notice to quit last Thursday (8 September) to travellers occupying 19 Acres in Devil’s Dyke Road, off the A27 Brighton Bypass.

If the travellers have not left by the end of 28 days, the council said that it would seek a possession order at Brighton County Court.

A spokesman said that the travellers had gone from Hollingbury now although there was still an unauthorised encampment of travellers and Gypsies in East Brighton Park.

The spokesman said: “We have visited this site with the police.

“A possession hearing for this land will take place in the county court on Friday 23 September and once we have obtained a possession order we will carry out an eviction as soon as practicable.

“While this encampment remains we will continue to monitor the site with the police.”

  1. Jill Reply

    Can I suggest the new site be situated in Caroline Lucas’ garden ?

  2. Valerie Paynter Reply

    The sad truth is, any consideration of where to site a permanent traveller encampment is the equivalent of considering where to put a landfill rubbish site.

    Travellers do not police each other, and few make any attempt at being considerate visitors. Stories in the national press of travellers being so rich they have bankrolled and own entire housing estate developments in Ireland make it unlikely that these people will find acceptance EVER.

    Their contempt for planning and other law makes too many of the middle finger enemies of the general citizenry and host country.

    Can travellers be licensed, like cars, so who goes where for how long can be known?

  3. Aaa Reply

    Caroline Lucas’s garden is in Brussels isn’t it? Oh for a local MP.

  4. Frank le Duc Reply

    In reply to Aaa … This site is independent of political party but I feel that it is only fair to point out that, as far as I know, Caroline Lucas does now live in Brighton. I don’t believe that she has publicised the move.

  5. Oh No Reply

    Frank, please don’t defend the Greens! This is suppose to be non political.

  6. Aaa Reply

    About time too, how long did that take Lucas?

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