Southern Water reports record sales of water butts

Posted On 24 May 2012 at 3:58 pm

Southern Water said that customers were buying discounted water butts in record numbers in response to the drought.

Customers bought 2,000 water butts across Sussex, Kent and Hampshire last month (April) which the company said would help save thousands of litres of water in the coming months.

The record number follows sales of about 1,500 water butts in March, which was also a big rise.

The water company, which serves Brighton and Hove and has premises in Falmer, said: “Customers have responded to the call to use water wisely.”

The water butts are among a range of free and discounted water saving products available via Southern Water’s website

The site, which is non-profit making, also allows customers to download a voucher for 20 per cent off a range of water-saving gardening products at the DIY chain B&Q.

Andy Shaddick, Southern Water’s public affairs manager, said: “Even a small roof can help collect thousands of litres of water in a year – that’s enough to fill a large water butt many times over.

“These record sales figures show that customers are responding to our advice to use water wisely and we would like to thank them for their efforts.

“Not only is this helping to make the most of water resources across the south east, but, for customers with a water meter, it will also help them save money on their water bills.”

Mr Shaddick added: “The recent wet weather has given water sources in the south a much-needed boost, helping the region recover from one of the driest periods on record.

“But it is still important to make the best use of water.

“Natural underground sources, which account for the majority of water resources in the southern region, have benefited from the rain.

“But it will still take a wet winter for them to recover fully.”

Southern Water said that it was installing water meters for 500,000 homes in the south east by 2015 to help ensure it can continue to supply a region officially defined as “water stressed”.

It said that people with a meter used about 10 per cent less water.

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