Brighton University aims to halve carbon emissions

Posted On 17 Nov 2012 at 8:28 am
By Tim Embleton

Brighton University has begun a campaign to cut its carbon emissions by 50 per cent in five years.

The c-change initiative aims to educate the university’s staff, students and visitors in ways that their behaviour can help it reach this goal.

The campaign will highlight carbon intensive activities and advise people how to avoid or limit them.

Abigail Dombey, the university’s environmental manager, said: “We have the opportunity to make a real and lasting change to put Brighton at the forefront of cutting carbon in the UK.

“C-change shows how even small actions can make a difference – these include ensuring all lights and computers are switched off when leaving an office at the end of the day and, if possible, taking the stairs instead of lift.”

More than 23,000 staff and students have joined the campaign, with meetings being held in campuses across Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings.

Stuart Laing

At the campus launch in Grand Parade, Brighton, yesterday (Friday 16 November) Professor Stuart Laing, the university’s deputy vice-chancellor, wore a “huge turn off” T-shirt to encourage students and staff to switch off unnecessary appliances.

He said: “Greenhouse gases pose a critical threat to our planet and it is crucial that all of us take responsibility and help reduce carbon emissions.”

The university was ranked third out of the country’s 145 universities and higher education institutions for sustainability this year.

This good work is set to continue, with investment in low carbon technologies high on the priority list.

Information on upcoming events and tips on reducing your carbon footprint can be found online at


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