Councillor highlights out-of-control pets in Hangleton

Posted On 20 Mar 2013 at 2:03 pm

Animal welfare officers have received complaints about dog fouling and pets being out of control in Hangleton, a councillor said.

Councillor Pete West, chairman of Brighton and Hove City Council’s Environment and Sustainability Committee, flagged up the problem as the council announced a “dog care day”.

The issue was raised by Hangleton Residents’ Association and one of its members, Nick Lewry, said that he had invited council dog wardens to a meeting last month.

Mr Lewry, who is due to stand for the Conservatives in Hangleton and Knoll at the next council elections, said that they had come along to the meeting with environmental health manager Roy Pickard.

He said that the dog wardens had agreed to patrol once a day throughout March. Signs would also be put up in Hangleton Park, St Helen’s Green and Greenleas.

It was also agreed that council tenants would be reminded about responsible dog ownership and the risk to their tenancy if they fell short of their obligations. And a dog care day would be organised. It is due to take place next week.

Mr Lewry thanked ward councillors Dawn Barnett and Tony Janio for their help and advice and added: “This just goes to show with the right people’s support we can get results.”

The council said that dog owners in Hangleton would be able to “pick up free advice, information and goodies at a special pet care information day”.

The dog care day will be run by the council’s animal welfare team at Hangleton Community Centre in Harmsworth Crescent from 1pm to 5pm on Wednesday 27 March.

Dog owners will be able to learn about rules and regulations that affect them and pick up free dog tags, neutering vouchers and “poo bags”.

Free microchipping will also be offered along with free leads and engraving on dog tags.

The event is the latest in a series of dog care days. They are intended to help cut the number of strays and promote responsible dog ownership.

Councillor West said: “The council’s animal welfare officers have received a number of complaints about dog fouling and pets being out of control in the Hangleton area and the event aims to provide information and practical help to tackle these problems.

“We also hope that encouraging responsible dog ownership will help to cut down on the number of strays found wandering in the city.”


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