Election result: St Peter’s and North Laine

Posted On 09 May 2015 at 6:42 pm

The Greens held all three seats in St Peter’s and North Laine with Councillor Lizzie Deane and Councillor Pete West being joined by Louisa Greenbaum.

Councillor West paid tribute to his party’s supporters and those of his political rivals.

He said that the Greens had left a great legacy after four years in office.

St Peter’s and North Laine

(3 seats)

Caraline Brown, Labour, 3,044

Lizzie Deane*, Green, 5,026

Louisa Greenbaum, Green, 4,596

Rob Heale, Liberal Democrat, 510

Jenny Henderson, Labour, 2,730

Mike Long, Conservative, 1,116

Jessica Marchant, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, 353

Heather Newberry-Martin, Conservative, 980

William Parker, Liberal Democrat, 397

Pat Ward, Conservative, 1,072

Pete West*, Green, 4,286

Michael Wilbur, Liberal Democrat, 363

Maureen Winder, Labour, 2,229

Turnout was 65.37 per cent and 60 ballot papers were rejected.

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