i360 fireworks postponed because of weather

Posted On 04 Aug 2016 at 11:26 am

The i360 opening night fireworks display has been postponed because of the weather.

A spokesman for the i360 said: “High seas on the Channel caused by a storm off the Sussex coast have prevented the fireworks boat from being able to travel to Brighton beach today so British Airways i360’s firework and light show has been postponed and a new date will be confirmed shortly.

“All fireworks event ticketholders will be informed of the new date when it is confirmed and their tickets will be transferred automatically or can be refunded.”

British Airways i360 chief executive Eleanor Harris said: “The attraction will open as planned today with rides running between 2pm to 9.30pm for people to enjoy for the first time the spectacular views of Brighton and Hove and the Sussex coast. We are fully booked today.

“We are sorry to have to delay the show tonight – but hopefully this will give more people the chance to come along. We will announce the new date as soon as we can.”

  1. Valerie Paynter Reply

    I’m glad. It was reminding me of the NICE fireworks occasion that was used for a terrorist attack. Best to leave it.

    • DGB Reply

      What on earth are you on about Valerie? What does this have to do with terrorism? A truck couldn’t be driven on to a pebble beach anyway. You sound like a paranoid nut-job.

  2. Matt Reply

    So, Valerie, if the point of terrorism is to spread fear, would it not be an act of terrorism to say that we should be too scared of a duplicate terrorist incident to dare to have any fun?

    • Valerie Paynter Reply

      It would be prudent to learn from Nice and to do the fireworks in a very carefully put together way that is not, say, about a lot of very loud bangs, but is rather more about showy light. But they say its about rocky seas so people can think what they like. We can only wonder what they had planned or had to unplan in order to replan.

  3. MIKE BROOM Reply

    We must not fear terroism. That’s what the cowards want….let’s all grow some bo..ocks

  4. Siobhan Collett Reply

    So….As residents of Brighton and Hove City were we expected to buy tickets to see the fireworks?

  5. Gill Wales Reply

    I don’t think it’s helpful to speculate about there being other reasons for the fireworks postponement. The Nice attack wasn’t because there were certain types of firework any more than the Bataclan attack was because of the band’s playlist.

  6. Jan Reply

    It’s very windy. Fireworks are always cancelled when it’s windy because they blow around and it becomes dangerous and/ or pointless. Let’s look forward to the day they do put on the show, and enjoy them when we get the chance.

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