Brighton Centre packed for the Schools Christmas Concert

Posted On 06 Dec 2016 at 6:18 pm

More than 1,200 youngsters from 43 schools across Brighton and Hove took part in the annual Schools Christmas Concert at a packed Brighton Centre last night.

The evening also featured the Brighton and Hove Youth Big Band, Concert Band, Woodwind Ensemble and the new Orchestra 360 – also known as the o360.

The evening was organised by Brighton and Hove Music and Arts which supports local schools and students.

Brighton and Hove mayor Councillor Pete West said on his Facebook page: “I recently read about the neurological benefits of making music.

“In this city we are fortunate to have great support for music in schools and the showcase for that is the Schools Christmas Concert that fills the Brighton Centre conference hall.

“Picture the amassed choirs of 43 of our schools – sound, light, actions, tinsel and Santa hats.

“Add to that the sweet sound of the B&H Youth Big Band, B&H Youth Concert Band, Orchestra 360, plus hundreds of enthusiastic parents and you have an exceptional evening, a very special experience the children and young people will never forget.

“Many thanks to the Brighton and Hove Music and Arts, BHMA Parents and Friends, Soundcity: Brighton and Hove, our schools and especially our children and young people.”

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