You’ll never guess what Deliveroo’s top delivery dish is in Brighton (but you’ll probably be close)

Posted On 10 Feb 2017 at 7:48 pm

Deliveroo has name the most commonly delivered dishes in 60 towns and cities across the country in a list published by the Evening Standard.

In Brighton the most frequent order is for the “Dead Hippie” – a burger – from Meat Liquor, near St Peter’s Church, in York Place, Brighton.

Burgers were the top dish in 28 out of the 60 places listed. Thai food was top in seven places, six prefer burritos and with pizza topping the list in four.

One of those was the Scottish town of Livingston which favoured Pizza Express mergheritas. And Cheltenham chose fish and chips – the only town to do so.

The list emerged days after Deliveroo riders in Brighton threatened to protest and strike if the company doesn’t pay them more and stop over-hiring.

The multinational online food delivery firm is part of the gig economy and claims that it does not directly employ its riders.

This exempts it from paying the minimum wage and other basic benefits such as rest breaks, sick and holiday pay, it says.

But after a ruling last year that Uber drivers are employees not contractors, the Independent Workers Union (IWGB) is seeking a similar ruling for Deliveroo riders.

Meanwhile, it is calling on the company to improve the pay per delivery from £4 to £5 and to stop over-hiring, which it says has led to riders sometimes waiting up to four hours for a job.

  1. Yvonne Reply

    My son was taken on by Deliveroo in Oct aged 16. They must’ve known they were changing the age limit to 18 in Jan 2017 so why take him on? Due to him still being at school they dumped him! They made little effort to reply to his emails and he wasn’t given any compensation.They knew what age he was and they’d seen his passport! They said it was their fault as they’d made a ‘clinical error’. Surely they could’ve given him a wee bit of compensation as it was their error? They’re an appalling company to work for. The app they use continually fails and makes the cyclist look bad because they’re unable to log the delivery. There is so much hanging around it’s not worth the money they’re paid. I feel they exploited my son and they were so disorganised it beggars belief! I’m hoping he’ll find a better job elsewhere, one that actually pays a decent wage and treats its younger employs with more respect!

  2. tim bennett Reply

    Cheltenham has a national winner of fish and chip shop of the year. I doubt Livingston has a fantastic Margarita fro Pizza Express, more likely the riders deliver drugs with a minimum order eh.

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