Ever noticed the famous names on the Brighton & Hove buses?

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If you are a resident of Brighton & Hove or someone that has simply visited the city, then it is very likely that you have seen some of the impressive fleet of Brighton & Hove buses. But have you noticed that in fact that they carry the name of a famous person that has been or still is connected with the city?

I was rather intrigued with the whole idea of this and wanted to know a little more about it all and so when I was in town, I visited the 1 Stop Travel Shop in North Street, Brighton in order to delve further.

I didn’t really fancy trying to write down all of the names listed on the buses that I saw in town, as it would have taken all day and no doubt I would have missed loads of them from other routes.

I have discovered that there are in fact far more buses travelling in and around Brighton & Hove than I first thought and so there are many named buses out there. I have found out that the names on the buses are not exactly static, as some are no longer in service and others transfer from one number to another and some are just displayed for a short period of time.

I think that this bus naming idea adds to the history of our city and it can encourage people to find out about each name and what that individual has achieved in order to have been allocated a bus so to speak. It could be an interesting game for children to see if they can spot the names and find out about them – educational stuff indeed!

No doubt the names have been put forward for a host of different reasons, with some far more obvious than others, so let’s have a look at a few interesting ones:

On bus number 12 (that’s not a route number but the actual bus number!) there is the name of just Bruce! Bruce who I thought? Well Bruce was actually a brave Brighton Police Dog who was sadly put to sleep in April 2002 after biting an offenders ear. This action led to a public outcry and so the name was displayed as a tribute to the pooch.

Bus number 459 has the name Countess of Rothes. She was a survivor of the tragic Titanic maiden voyage in 1912, having steered lifeboat number 8 to safety. She passed away in 1956 in Hove at the age of 77.

Europe’s oldest living man in 2009 was war veteran Henry Allingham, who sadly passed away aged 113 at St Dunstans in Ovingdean where he lived. I can recall one of my children doing a school project on Henry just prior to his passing. Henry’s name has appeared on bus numbers 616, 808 and 819.

On bus 708 there can be found Daisy & Violet Hilton. They were conjoined twins from the last century who were fused at the pelvis but this didn’t stop the ladies getting married and having affairs!

An expensive rare one-off option was requested by a wedding party in 2002 for a lucky couple called Nicola & Declan on bus 763 for a few days.

In May 2001 bus number 819 proudly displayed the names of Micky Adams & Bobby Zamora in celebration of The Albion being promoted to Division 2. So when we successfully remain in The Premiership, then surely the possibility of a fleet of new names will be in order?

Now all the children of the city will surely want to climb aboard bus number 820 as it has been known to adorn festive lights and carry the name of Santa Claus!

Want to know the full list of bus names? Then see below and click on the name of your choice to read about that person and then click the back arrow and choose another one and repeat.

Listed in actual bus number order (not route number):

1 Lord Attenborough(name no longer displayed)
2 Dora Bryan (now on 924)
3 Norman Cook (name no longer displayed)
4 Chris Eubank (name no longer displayed)
6 Adam Faith (now on 649)
8 Sally Gunnell (name no longer displayed)
11 Derek Jameson (now on 478)
12 Bruce (name no longer displayed)
13 Alan Weeks (name no longer displayed)
14 Derek Jameson (now on 478)
15 Des Lynam (name no longer displayed)
16 Annie Nightingale (name no longer displayed)
17 Leo Sayer (name no longer displayed)
18 Dusty Springfield (name no longer displayed))
19 The Who (name no longer displayed)
20 Sir Norman Wisdom (name no longer displayed)
51 Ron Cunningham
52 Kenneth Fines
53 Helena Normanton
54 John Peckham
55 Lis Solkhon
56 Maurice Tate
57 Ralph Vaughan Williams
251 Robert ‘Throb’ Young (name no longer displayed)
401 King Charles II
401 Phil Starr (now on 439)
402 Sidney Tidy (name no longer displayed)
402 Prince Regent
403 Jack Arlidge
404 Sir Charles Barry
405 Sir Samuel Brown
406 Sir Herbert Carden
407 King Edward VII
407 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (now on 675)
408 Maria Fitzherbert
409 Norman Freedman
410 Martha Gunn
411 Mother Riccarda
412 Phoebe Hessel
413 Tony Hewison
414 Thomas Kemp
415 Tommy Loates
416 Cardinal Newman
417 Sir Harry Preston
418 Eugenius Birch
418 Peggy Ramsay (name no longer displayed)
419 Sir Harry Ricardo
420 Dr Richard Russell
421 Aubrey Beardsley
421 Sir Norman Wisdom (name no longer displayed)
422 Queen Adelaide
423 William Ainsworth
424 Havergal Brian
424 Mike Bamber (now on 672)
425 Edward Booth
426 Janet Brown
427 Edward Carpenter
428 Stanley Deason
429 C B Fry
430 Sir Jack Hobbs
431 Sir John Howard
432 David Land (now on 676)
432 Paul Millmore
433 John Nash
434 Elisabeth Howard
434 Charles Neville (now on 677)
435 Lord Olivier
436 Captain Nicholas Tettersell
437 Sir Charles Thomas-Stanford
438 Lord Trafford (name no longer displayed)
438 Dr Trevor Mann
439 Nathaniel Woodard (name no longer displayed)
439 Phil Starr
440 Lord Cohen
441 Magnus Volk
442 Ronnie Ablett
443 Levi Emanuel Cohen
444 Chris Copsey
445 Antony Dale
446 Reg Moores
447 Fred Perry
448 Paul Plumb
449 Harold Poster
450 Wendy Richard
451 Peter Stockbridge
452 Paul Millmore (now on 432)
452 Ray Evison
453 George Basevi
454 Don Bath
455 Pauline Benjamin
456 Charles Busby
457 Dr Julius Carlebach
458 Hewitt Cobb
459 Countess of Rothes
460 Harry Cowley
461 Henry Venn Elliott
462 Frank Furlong
463 David Gray
465 Maggie King
466 Robin McNair
467 Andrew Melville
468 Herbert Menges
469 Lew Norris
470 Dr Reginald Saxton
471 Hubert Scott-Paine
472 Sir Arthur Pearson
473 Peter Avis
474 Georgiana Burne-Jones
475 Roy Chuter
476 George Haines
477 Bernard Holden
478 Derek Jameson
479 Jeff Keen
480 Theodore Wright
481 Pat Moorman
482 Chris Ogden
483 Cecil Pashley
484 Wilfred Pickles
485 Margaret Powell
486 Alan Randall
487 William Stroudley
488 Stanley Theobald
489 David Watkin (name no longer displayed)
489 Andy Durr
490 Herbert Toms
490 Amon Wilds (now on 820)
550 Sir Winston Churchill
551 Charles Dickens
601 William Attree (name no longer displayed)
602 Enid Bagnold (name no longer displayed)
603 Aubrey Beardsley (now on 421)
604 Sir Edward Burne-Jones (name no longer displayed)
605 Ellen Nye Chart (name no longer displayed)
606 Tommy Farr (name no longer displayed)
607 George Hole (name no longer displayed)
608 Albert Ketèlbey (name no longer displayed)
609 Gideon Mantell (name no longer displayed)
610 Alan Melville (name no longer displayed)
611 Dr Clifford Musgrave (name no longer displayed)
612 Ray Noble (name no longer displayed)
613 John Saxby (name no longer displayed)
614 Sir Charles Aubrey Smith (name no longer displayed)
615 Charlie Webb (name no longer displayed)
616 Henry Allingham
616 Allen West (name no longer displayed)
617 Douglas Reeve (name no longer displayed)
618 Danny Sheldon (name no longer displayed)
619 Margaret Bondfield (name no longer displayed)
620 Oliver Bulleid (name no longer displayed)
621 Ivy Compton-Burnett (name no longer displayed)
622 C B Cochran (name no longer displayed)
623 Matthew Grimstone
623 Tommy Cook (now on 823)
624 Eric Courtney-King (name no longer displayed)
625 William Friese-Greene (name no longer displayed)
626 Ernest F Beal (now on 806)
626 Lord Fulton of Falmer (now on 647)
627 Patricia Harding (name no longer displayed)
628 Dennis Hobden (name no longer displayed)
629 George Humphrey
630 Harry Leader
631 Bobby Lee
632 Ida Lupino
633 Henry Solomon
634 Dorothy Stringer
635 Angela Thirkell
636 Roger French (name no longer displayed)
636 Grace Eyre Woodhead
637 Kenneth Bredon
638 Sir Anton Dolin
639 Raymond Francis
640 Graham Greene
641 John Jackson
642 Howard Johnson
643 Victoria Lidiard
644 K S Ranjitsinhji
645 Paul Stonor
646 Herbert Wilcox
647 Ernest F Beal (now on 806)
647 Lord Fulton of Falmer
648 Jimmy Edwards
649 Adam Faith
650 Prince Petr Kropotkin
651 John Langridge (name no longer displayed)
652 Sir William Nicholson
653 James Osborne (name no longer displayed)
654 Jack Solomons (name no longer displayed)
655 Elizabeth Allan
656 Dame Henrietta Barnett
657 Wynne Baxter
658 Clementina Black
659 Helen Boyle
660 Sir Lindsay Bryson
661 Dame Millicent Fawcett (name no longer displayed)
662 Bernard Jordan
662 Frank Bridge (now on 922)
663 Eric Gill
664 Eugenius Birch (now on 418)
664 John Nelson Goulty (name no longer displayed)
665 Jack Jenkins (now on 813)
665 Jacob Schilt
666 Eleanor Marx
667 Dame Clara Butt
668 Bob Copper
669 Sir Edward Sassoon
670 Dr Herzl Sless
671 Vanessa Bell
672 Mike Bamber
672 Havergal Brian (now on 424)
673 Isambard Kingdom Brunel
674 John Constable
675 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
675 King Edward VII (now on 407)
676 Paul Millmore (now on 432)
676 David Land
676 Ray Evison (now on 452)
677 Elisabeth Howard (now on 434)
677 Charles Neville
678 Jack Howe
679 Dr William King
680 George Larner
681 Sir George Lewis
682 Samuel Lewis
683 Terence Morgan
684 Rev Frederick Robertson
684 Chris Moyes (now on 686)
685 Donald Peers
686 Chris Moyes
686 Rev Frederick Robertson (now on 684)
687 Dr William Stone
688 Elsie And Doris Waters
701 Carol Barnes
702 Ronald Bates
703 Myles Byrne
704 Somers Clarke
705 John Connor
706 Alfred Feld
707 Les Hamilton
708 Daisy and Violet Hilton
709 Maudie Ottaway
710 Thomas Paine
711 Sir Terence Rattigan
712 George Robey
713 Jack Tripp
714 Sarah Forbes Bonetta (name no longer displayed)
715 Marie-Antoine Careme (name no longer displayed)
716 Charles Cutress (name no longer displayed)
717 Claude Debussy (name no longer displayed)
718 Jeffery Farnol
719 Elisabeth Fry
720 Bishop James Hannington
721 Frankie Howard
722 David Jacobs
723 Pat Kirkwood
724 Sir Edwin Landseer
725 Kenneth Lane
726 George Miles
727 Rev Leslie Newman
728 Sir Arthur Newsholme
729 Ivor Novello (name no longer displayed)
730 Tom Sayers
731 Hester Thrale
763 Nicola & Declan (name no longer displayed)
768 Adam Trimingham (name no longer displayed)
771 Pietro Addis (name no longer displayed)
773 Southern FM’s Moody (name no longer displayed)
774 Bob Wilson (name no longer displayed)
775 Tina Goldberg-Lowe (name no longer displayed)
781 Bridges Residential Ltd (name no longer displayed)
781 Anne of Cleves (name no longer displayed)
801 King Charles II (now on 401)
801 Jessica-Jayde Allen
802 John Heward
802 Captain Nicholas Tettersell (now on 436)
803 Martin Langfried
803 Prince Regent (now on 402)
804 Dr Richard Russell (now on 420)
804 Doreen Valiente
805 Maria Fitzherbert (now on 408)
805 William Moon
806 Ernest F Beal
806 Martha Gunn (now on 410)
807 Phoebe Hessel (now on 412)
807 Chris Cooke
808 Rudyard Kipling (now on 935)
808 Max Miller (now on 919)
808 Henry Allingham (now on 616)
808 Les Hamilton (now on 707)
808 William Henry Vokins
809 Thomas Tilling
809 Sir Charles Barry (now on 404)
810 Magnus Volk (now on 441)
810 Ann Quin
811 Mabel Pratt
811 John Nash (now on 433)
812 Thomas Kemp (now on 414)
812 Eva Moore
813 Sir Harry Preston (now on 417)
813 Jack Jenkins
814 George Albert Smith
814 Sir Charles Thomas-Stanford (now on 437)
815 James Williamson
815 Sir Samuel Brown (now on 405)
816 Janet Turner
816 Sir Herbert Carden (now on 406)
817 Lord Olivier (now on 435)
817 Mary Merrifield
818 Elaine Baird
818 Lord Cohen(now on 440)
819 Micky Adams + Bobby Zamora (names no longer displayed)
819 Micky Adams + Bobby Zamora (names no longer displayed)
819 Max Miller (now on 919)
819 Harry Vowles
819 Henry Allingham (now on 616)
820 Santa Claus (name no longer displayed)
820 The Albion Team 2001/2 (name no longer displayed)
820 Dame Flora Robson (now on 920)
820 Amon Wilds
821 Queen Adelaide (now on 422)
821 Minnie Turner
822 Sake Dean Mahomed
822 William Ainsworth (now on 423)
823 Tommy Cook
823 Mike Bamber (now on 672)
824 John James Crowe
824 Charles Busby (now on 456)
825 Peter Stocker
825 Sir Winston Churchill (now on 550)
826 Harry Cowley (now on 460)
826 Dame Cicely Saunders
827 Stanley Deason (now on 428)
827 Johnny West
828 Richard Addinsell
828 Charles Dickens (now on 551)
829 C B Fry (now on 429)
830 Sir Jack Hobbs (now on 430)
831 Sir John Howard (now on 431)
832 David Land (now on 676)
833 Andrew Melville (now on 467)
834 Herbert Menges (now on 468)
835 Cecil Pashley (now on 483)
836 Sir Arthur Pearson (now on 472)
837 Margaret Powell (now on 485)
838 William Stroudley (now on 487)
839 Frank Butterworth (name no longer displayed)
839 Stanley Theobald (now on 488)
840 Ian Caldwell (name no longer displayed)
840 Amon Wilds (now on 820)
841 Thomas Attree (name no longer displayed)
842 Eugenius Birch (now on 418)
843 Sir John Cordy Burrows (name no longer displayed)
844 Caroline of Brunswick (name no longer displayed)
845 Queen Charlotte (name no longer displayed)
846 Captain Frederick Collins (name no longer displayed)
847 Earl of Egremont (name no longer displayed)
848 Sir George Everest (name no longer displayed)
849 Edwin Fownes (name no longer displayed)
850 Baron Goldsmid (name no longer displayed)
851 The Lawrence Sisters (now on 936)
852 Trevor Mann (now on 438)
853 William Marsh (name no longer displayed)
854 David Mocatta (name no longer displayed)
855 Sake Dean Mahomed (now on 822)
856 Dame Anna Neagle (now on 938)
857 Sir Richard Sackville (name no longer displayed)
858 Malcolm Farley (name no longer displayed)
858 George Albert Smith (now on 814)
859 Thomas Tilling (now on 809)
860 Jack Tinker (name no longer displayed)
861 John Vallance (name no longer displayed)
862 James Williamson (now on 815)
863 John Wisden (name no longer displayed)
864 King William IV (name no longer displayed)
865 Bride & Groom (name no longer displayed)
865 Queen Elizabeth II (name no longer displayed)
865 Dusty Springfield (name no longer displayed)
866 Prince Philip (name no longer displayed)
866 Alan Weeks (name no longer displayed)
866 Bride & Groom (name no longer displayed)
867 Arthur H Cox (name no longer displayed)
868 Syd Dean (name no longer displayed)
869 Rudyard Kipling (now on 935)
869 Les Hamilton (now on 707)
870 Gilbert Harding (name no longer displayed)
871 Sir Edward Marshall Hall (name no longer displayed)
872 Captain Henry Hill (name no longer displayed)
873 Sir Rowland Hill (name no longer displayed)
874 Edward Lowther (name no longer displayed)
875 John Rastrick (name no longer displayed)
875 Ron Hayes (name no longer displayed)
875 John Rastrick (name no longer displayed)
876 Arthur Wagner (name no longer displayed)
881 John & Jennifer Nicks (name no longer displayed)
882 Kitty O’Shea (name no longer displayed)
883 Phyllis Pearsall (name no longer displayed)
884 David Sheppard (name no longer displayed)
885 Ken Suttle (name no longer displayed)
886 Janet Turner (now on 816)
887 Virginia Woolf (name no longer displayed)
901 Charles Burt Brill
902 Fanny Burney
903 Douglas Byng
904 Sir John Clements
905 Rev Richard Enraght
906 James Gray
907 Patrick Hamilton
908 Thomas Harrington
909 Trevor Kaye
910 Thomas Lainson
911 William Lillywhite
912 Dame Anita Roddick
912 Mick Mannock (name no longer displayed)
913 Pete McCarthy
914 Daisy Noakes
915 Dr William Parker
916 Ben Sherman
917 Sir Hans Singer
918 Rex Whistler
919 Phil Starr (now on 439)
919 Max Miller
920 Sidney Tidy (name no longer displayed)
920 Dame Flora Robson
921 Bill Axcell
922 Frank Bridge
923 Zoe Brigden
924 Dora Bryan
925 Adrian Bunting
926 Brian Cobby
927 Henry Coxwell
928 Jonathan Darby
929 Dr Jan De Winter
930 Tirzah Garwood
930 Dame Gracie Fields (name no longer displayed)
931 Ian Gow
932 George Holkham
933 Jamie Janes
934 Richard Jones
935 Rudyard Kipling
936 The Lawrence Sisters
937 John Nathan-Turner
938 Dame Anna Neagle
939 Edith Nesbit
940 Don Partridge
941 Eric Ravilious
942 Ralph Reader
943 Alfred Richardson
944 Eric Slater
2317 Colin Curtis

  1. Neil Jones Reply

    Nick L. could have saved himself a lot of time and trouble by accessing the Brighon & Hove buses website where this information is available. http://history.buses.co.uk/history/fleethist/busnamesintro.htm

    • Rob Reply

      Well, he’s clearly read it, as it’s an obvious cut-and-paste job from that site. What a lazy article.

  2. Coffeemonster Reply

    I started laughing when in the first paragraph he says that B&H residents have probably noticed the buses! Well yes, I think we can take that as a given, at least for everybody not in possession of a guide dog!

    Was this written for a school project?

  3. Bob Jackson Reply

    This really is embarrassing. What next? A revelation that residents probably haven’t noticed but there’s a giant Indian looking palace in the middle of the town?

    Someone really needs to get their act together as most of us come here to avoid the horrors that passes for journalism, and comments section full of hateful racists and homophobes, over at The Argus, but this is just cringeworthy.

  4. Eileen Valder Reply

    Thank you for this, my husband and I were both born and raised in Brighton, but moved away 20 years ago due to work commitments. We often visit the area but only on a recent visit did we have a chance to walk the town centre and we did wonder about the names on the buses. So thanks again.

    • Nick Linazasoro Reply

      Bless you Eileen. Thanks for your interest.

  5. Martin F Reply

    I cannot agree with any of the above comments on here except Eileen Valder. I didn’t realise there were so many named buses. The history associated with many of them i was unaware of despite being a dyed-in-the wool Brightonian.

    Nor did i know this was on the Brighton Buses website. Well done to Nick L at the Brighton & Hove News for bringing this interesting local history to a wider audience and drawing our attention to it.

    • Nick Linazasoro Reply

      Thank you kind sir.

  6. Linda M Reply

    I put forward my Grandfather’s name, he died in WW1 1916, thought it would have been fitting for the centenary to honour an “ordinary” citizen but didn’t have any luck, shame really but hardly surprising.

    • Nick Linazasoro Reply

      Lovely idea Linda. I am sorry it didn’t work out.

  7. Jacqueline Brigden Reply

    Hi my name is Jacqueline Brigden due to a marriage and family misfortune my interest is in my amazing grand mother Zoe Brigden. I am her granddaughter Jacqueline Brigden I want to come home to England

  8. Margaret W ( Sydney, Australia ) Reply

    What a wonderful way to keep the memory of these local, world achievers alive. All of them made the world a better place, be it by their versatile talents in entertainment, or skills and abilities in their chosen professions.
    This is fantastic for tourists, who in many cases, will immediately recall the contribution of the celebrity whom they so fondly remember and admire so much. Well done!

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