Double yellows for road made ‘impassable’ by displaced parking

Posted On 09 Oct 2017 at 2:29 pm

Scores of cars displaced by new parking zones which have made a narrow Brighton road “impassable” will have to find a new home next week after double yellows are painted along it.

Tenantry Down Road has become clogged up with cars and vans since road markings and signs for new parking zones have popped up in Hanover and Elm Grove.

Today, the day on which the scheme was meant to start being enforced, people trying to drive down the narrow road have complained that they have made it almost impossible to get past.

But on Monday, the vehicles will need to find a new home, as double yellows are due to be painted both there, and along Bear Road – with new four-hour waiting bays scattered along to allow people using the allotments space to park.

One motorist, Cliff Faires, said: “I spent over ten minutes trying to get through this road from Elm Grove to Bear Road. The whole road has become a car park.

“It is almost impossible to get through. You need to fold your wing mirrors in.”

A council spokesman said: “The council was aware of the potential for vehicles to be displaced onto Tenantry Down Road, which is outside the parking schemes.

“As a result there will be a combination of four-hour limited waiting bays and double yellow lines.. This would allow users of the allotments to park for up to four hours but would prevent all-day parking in this road.

“The road markings will be done on Monday October 16, with enforcement shortly afterwards – at a date be confirmed.”

The double yellow lines will be painted the length of Tenantry Down road on the eastern side, with four-hour parking bays running along most of the western side.

Double yellow lines will also be painted on both sides of Bear Road from the junction of Bevendean Road to Tenantry Down Road.

The Hanover and Elm Grove parking schemes – S and V – are now not due to be enforced until Monday, 16 October due to a series of technical problems dogging the online permit application system.

  1. Fishwife, 49 Reply

    Who knew THIS would happen…?

  2. Hucklepickleberry Reply

    We are having to back all the way along this road at night, and it is very dangerous.

    Any accidents need the council to be accountable for, as their idiotic parking schemes have caused this.

    There would not have been nearly the amount of parking problems if only the very centre of the city had parking regulations.

    I would suggest that the council put in DOUBLE YELLOW LINES at close REGULAR intervals along the western side of this road to enable cars to pass each other, or else there will be serious accidents on this spot, both during rush hours and at night in particular.

  3. Elaine Reply

    I hope they leave gaps along the parking bays for passing !

  4. Elaine Reply

    Hope when this is sorted the council sort out the bottom of southover street , putting permit bays down there with bus stops both sides is ridiculous cars cannot pass !
    Also stop / enforce the parking on Lewes Road just North of Elm Grove

  5. ONeal Reply

    Don’t think there was a problem before was there? These double yellows won’t solve anything it’s just moving the problem along

  6. Jonni Reply

    Can look forward to seeing more camper vans dumped in Surrenden Road soon then.

  7. Simply Irritated Reply

    Brighton Council just keep raking in the cash putting parking restrictions in just making it more and more expensive to live and work in the city. You cant even park in the suburbs now otside your own home, then they wonder why people are still trying to park for free wherever they can and causing this mess up…

  8. ohboy Reply

    there is also an increasing problem in Bevendean Road, with cars parking on the nearside of Bevendean between the junction of the top of Coumb Road and Bear road, affects all traffic and the rush hour Traffic when turning right from the top of Coumb Road heading towards Bear Road to then turn left up Bear road. this will cause long delays the same as Tenantry Down Road been. so they need double yellow lines along Bevendean Road from Coumb Road to Bear Road But bet they don’t until Traffic comes to a stop!

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