Cyclist injures arm and leg after crash with van

Posted On 20 Feb 2018 at 6:17 pm

A cyclist was taken to hospital with a suspected broken arm and leg after being hit by a van in London Road this afternoon.

The crash happened at the junction with Francis Street near the Open Market shortly before 1pm, leading to the road being closed for about half an hour.

A passer-by who saw the accident said: “The van turned out of the road next to Presuming Ed’s and the Nova cafe. I just heard a bang and the bloke screaming before I came out of the Open Market to see his legs and bike under the van.

“Loads of people were helping the man. The van driver was obviously distraught. Traffic was held up on London Road because of it.

“It was pretty shocking to see.”

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “Emergency services were called to London Road in Brighton at 12.55pm on Tuesday (February 20) following a collision between a van and a cyclist.

“The cyclist, understood to be a man in his 30s, was taken to hospital with a suspected broken arm and leg.

“The road was blocked for a short while by the incident, but was clear by around 1.30pm.

“Anyone who witnessed the collision is asked to report online at or call 101 quoting serial 518 of 20/02.”

A spokesman for South East Coast Ambulance Service said: “Ambulance crews in an ambulance and two cars attended the scene following reports of a collision involving a cyclist and a vehicle.

“The cyclist was treated at the scene for a leg injury before being taken to Royal Sussex County Hospital.”

  1. Ross Harper Reply

    Sorry to hear about this, this end of Francis Street failed a Stage 3 Road Safety review in September 2016, since then residents have been lobbying the council to have road safety improvements. In May 2016 a raft of improvements were agreed between the council and Hyde Housing (the developers who redeveloped Francis Street as part of the new Open Market development) and they were announced at Environment, Transport and Sustainability Council Meeting. Residents are still awaiting the agreed changes and no interim safety measures have been put in place. If anyone knows the injured cyclist please put them in touch with me via and I will be happy to share the details of the failed safety review in case the injured party wants to consider legal action against Brighton and Hove City Council.

    • Margaret Arnold Reply

      Have just found this report. James is my son. terrible shock, leg broken in 2 places and crushed elbow where van ran over it. could have killed him. I”m in Eastbourne and couldn”t even get to the Hospital as I”m disabled.
      He”s been in severe pain, 3 ops, still cant walk or
      use crutches. discharged Tues last from R Sx C Hosp. but cant get to me for recuperation yet. I”m still in shock. Will keep your email address though it looks as though James knows all about it. regards,Margaret.

      hosp but really too esrly.
      As he
      “s commented
      I expect he knows whst to o, butvhas not cme to me yet . We ill keep your email sddress in case. It looks like the
      vsn was not upposed to be there, but detils dketchy st resent. Regrds, Margaret

  2. MD Reply

    Another one way road with a reverse flow cycle lane in it. Wonder if that cycle lane had anything to do with this collision?

  3. DaveB Reply

    Unlikely I think. Cycle lane is on ‘this’ side of Francis St so cyclist would have turned in before the van. All the junctions along that stretch are a nightmare for cyclists & drivers alike. Hope everyone fully recovers.

  4. kayduu Reply

    In response to the above two comments, the accident happened on London Road itself, at the (bike) entrance to / (vehicle) exit from Francis St.

  5. James Arnold Reply

    Thank you to everyone who helped me including passers by and the wonderful ambulance crew. Was discharged from hospital yesterday with a broken leg and crushed elbow, both on the mend. Could have been much worse, thanks again to all who helped…

  6. Tineka Reply

    Sounds like you have a loving Mother to go home to and she will care for you. Your accident was very unfortunate but you are fortunate in your Mother.

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