Council leader calls for an end to panic buying

Council leader Nancy Platts has urged people to stop panic buying as supermarket shelves across the area are stripped bare.

She also praised people for their community spirit and thanked communities for coming together to support their neighbours.

The Labour council chief spoke out at the start of Brighton and Hove City Council’s Policy and Resources Committee meeting at Hove Town Hall this afternoon (Thursday 19 March).

Councillor Platts said: “We have an army of people getting in touch who are wanting to support and take care of each other and their communities.

“This is typical of Brighton and Hove. I am proud of our city.”

She urged people to stop panic buying and stockpiling and, in particular, to resist specialist food – such as gluten-free products – unless they were needed.

Her statement came a day after she sent an open letter to supermarkets across Brighton and Hove asking them to limit the amount that people can buy and to help elderly shoppers.

She said that there was more than enough to go around if people would just buy what they needed.

Councillor Platts said: “Panic buying is really unhelpful. We should all continue to think about or neighbours and communities.

“We should also only be buying specialist foods, such as gluten-free, if we specifically need them, so we can ensure those who do need them can access them.”

The council’s finance team, she said, had written to local businesses about the business rate relief being offered by the government.

She said: “We know that industries, particularly hospitality, are particularly feeling the impact of the latest measures.

“We are supporting these business and others to ensure they get the financial relief the government has outlined.

“I welcome the measures announced by the government to support our businesses and residents.

“I hope to see more support for residents in the private rented sector and some of our most vulnerable groups on benefits.

“I call upon the government to reinstate the welfare state as a matter of urgency.”

  1. Nick Reply

    Perhaps the council could focus on emptying the bins and providing the basic services that they promised. Spending time repeating government announcements is all very nice – but distracts the council from its role of providing local services for local people

    I appreciate this will be challenging going forward, but weeks or months of rubbish on our streets will be a serious health hazard. So can you focus on the basics?

  2. Sean Reply

    I agree with Nick. Enough with the sanctimonious bollox and get the council working to help quash the spread. Nancy, pull your f’ing finger out.

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