Hove dogs to race on – behind closed doors

Posted On 20 Mar 2020 at 7:52 pm

Hove Greyhound Stadium is set to become one of the few British sporting venues permitted to operate.

The government has again clamped down on social interaction as the coronavirus crises deepens.

So from Monday (23 March) the Nevill Road stadium will race on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, Thursday evenings, Friday mornings and Sundays.

The Sunday schedule is due to be announced soon.

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All events will be held under the BAGS (Bookmakers Afternoon Greyhound Service) banner and will be streamed to the bookmakers’ website’s by the broadcaster SIS.

A majority of high street bookmakers will close their shops from tomorrow (Saturday 21 March).

Hove Greyhound Stadium is 92 years old this year and continues to be one Britain’s best tracks.




  1. Paul Martin Reply

    Once again this disgusting sport shows that they don’t care about the lives of anyone.

    Dogs are used, abused and killed everyday in the racing industry. Anyone who participates in it obviously doesn’t care about others lives, especially at this time!

    Look up Close Hove Dog Track on Facebook

  2. Becky Brooke Reply

    Is it really in the public’s best interest to still be encouraging gambling when people are losing their jobs? Apart from this I am completely against cruel ‘sports’ of which the Greyhound Racing Industry is most definitely.

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