Councillor sweeps into action to clear mess left after food festival

A councillor said that he cleared up mess left by those attending a food and music festival.

Green councillor Jamie Lloyd said that he found the streets in the Preston Village area littered with rubbish after the Brighton Foodies Festival in Preston Park.

Councillor Lloyd cleared up 15 smashed bottles, he said, and an “infinite number” of nitrous oxide cylinders from the streets after the event over the May bank holiday weekend.

He also posted a photograph of a broken bottle on the Withdean Greens Facebook page.

Councillor Lloyd said: “We are dismayed at the amount of rubbish, smashed glass and general filth left behind on the streets of Preston Village, apparently due to the thousands of people visiting the food festival in Preston Park.

“We will be writing to the festival organisers to ask them to pay for a deep clean of the surrounding streets as this is now badly needed.”

The organisers of events on Brighton and Hove City Council land are required to clean up afterwards – and glass is banned from all events in local public parks.

The council said: “We’re sorry to hear there was glass littered in the Preston Village area.

“All events given permission to use council land are required to submit detailed waste management plans which always include waste patrols in the surrounding area.

“The city’s leisure and night-time economy is substantial and, unfortunately, litter does come from a number of sources.

“We do not allow glass at any events in the city’s public parks.

“Our street cleaning team do regular clean ups of the area. We will check the area and arrange additional cleaning if required.”

The Brighton Foodies Festival took place from Saturday 30 April to Monday 2 May, with live performances from the Feeling and Scouting for Girls as well as Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe from Blue.

The festival organisers were approached for comment.

  1. Peter Challis Reply

    Perhaps the glass bottles and NO cylinders were brought in by visitors, or by others but attending the festival?

    But good to finally see Green councillors doing something of value in the city by collecting litter, and that he obviously came prepared with bags, grippers, and gloves 😉

  2. Pat the Hat Reply

    Why so surprised at the end of an event? Is this the first time you’ve noticed? That in itself is of concern. Eyes wide shut syndrome!
    Don’t you think it’s about time the contracts issued by the council to all and any promotions and events organisers must include enforceable clauses that require clean up/ damage repairs to areas impacted by the event. Also to include financial “DAMAGE DEPOSITS” to be paid and held at the time of signing the agreement. Deposits returned AFTER event areas are returned to their original condition or used accordingly!
    This is not rocket science.
    Get it together councillor’s !!

  3. Chris Reply

    I guess that as a “food festival” that a lot of whipped cream was made explaining the Nitrous Oxide bulbs 🙂
    joking aside this is another event that started as food with accompanying drink then got bigger with bands etc. Now even bigger and it is a festival, not a food festival, and should be licensed as such.

  4. Mike Beasley Reply

    Well done Jamie – can your Green colleagues (those still resident here) now sort out the rest of the city?

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