Brighton factory targeted in fresh protest

Posted On 29 Sep 2010 at 8:52 am

A Brighton campaign group is to stage another mass protest outside a Moulsecoomb factory.

Smash EDO supporters have made a video to promote the protest outside the premises of EDO MBM Technology in Home Farm Road.

Sexy Brighton and Hove Smash EDO video

The protesters plan to meet at 10am on Wednesday 13 October at a venue yet to be decided.

The campaign group objects to EDO making part of the weapon systems which are used by the Israeli air force in Gaza.

Some previous protests outside the factory have become violent and the video tells supporters that violence is not an acceptable form of protest for the peace movement.

It also urges supporters to respect Sussex Police because, it says, they have a difficult job to do.

Preparations for the protest were hampered after the group’s phone went missing.

On its website, the group says: “Someone recently stole the Smash EDO general phone.

“It has since been replaced and the number (07538093930) remains the same.

“So if you have been trying to contact us and failing the problem has now been resolved.

“Unfortunately we also lost the last month’s worth of texts.”

On Saturday one of the group’s key players Chris Osmond will take part in a panel debate about Israel and Palestine.

The debate is scheduled to take place at the Inn on the Green in Ladbroke Grove, London, after a film screening.

Osmond was one of six protesters cleared by a jury at Hove Crown Court in July after they broke into EDO’s Moulsecoomb factory.

They smashed filing cabinets and computers with hammers causing damage costing at least £189,000.

The group said: “One of the reasons that the six had so much time in the factory was ironically that Sussex Police saw a bomb in the car park and cordoned off the area for specialists to arrive.

“The ‘bomb’ was in fact a dummy, a prop for EDO to display at trade fairs, precision guided out of an upstairs window.”

A jury accepted their defence that they acted with lawful excuse to prevent war crimes by Israel.

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