Late licence extension for North Laine shop is refused

Posted On 21 Dec 2010 at 8:34 pm

A North Laine store has been told to stick to its present hours for selling alcoholic drinks.

Go Local in North Road, Brighton, wanted to sell beers, wines and spirits from 6am to 2am every day.

At the moment the store closes at 11pm each day.

A Brighton and Hove City Council licensing panel was told that the store was near places frequented by groups of youths, street drinkers and others causing a nuisance when drunk.

Sussex Police and ward councillor Lizzie Deane were among the objectors.

Local beat bobby PC Ben Jameson said that officers had been called to nearby Brighthelm Gardens alone at least 38 times in six months to deal with drunkenness or associated anti-social behaviour.

He said that there were similar problems down the road in Victoria Gardens, adding: “Victoria Gardens is also in very close proximity to the go Local store.

“Over the summer of 2010 there has been a significant increase in street drinking and associated anti-social behaviour in the area.

“Large numbers of the street community congregate and are verbally abusive to each other and members of the public.

“Local residents have complained to the police and the council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team that the group that gathers are abusive, urinate in public and have been seen fighting.

“It is my belief that an increase in licensed hours at the Go Local store will inevitably lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour and disorder as a result of increased drunken behaviour.”

He said that he and colleagues had also had to deal with criminal damage to vehicles and property by people who had been drinking too much.

He added that the North Laine Community Association wanted late-night noise and anti-social behaviour tackled as a priority in the area.

Councillor Deane, a Green who represents St Peter’s and North Laine, said: “The North Laine is classed as a special stress area where residents already suffer ongoing noise nuisance and anti-social behaviour at all hours of the day and night.

“Extending the current licence for the sale of alcohol between 6am and 2am daily at these premises will do nothing to enhance public safety, combat crime and disorder, prevent public nuisance or protect children from harm.

“Indeed, it will do quite the reverse.

“Extending the licence to these new hours would provide a further source of alcohol within an area so heavily populated with licensed premises that crime, disorder and public nuisance have already reached problem levels for the local police.”

The licence extension was refused.


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