Brighton and Hove fire authority members' expenses and allowances published

Posted On 07 Jul 2011 at 12:42 am

The fire authority that serves Brighton and Hove has published the amounts paid in allowances and expenses for the past financial year.

East Sussex Fire Authority paid £87,362 in total to its 22 members in the year to Thursday 31 March.

Three of those members were councillors from Brighton and Hove City Council – Ted Kemble, Steve Harmer-Strange and Bob Carden.

Councillor Kemble, a former fireman, was also the chairman of the authority.

He and his fellow Conservative, Councillor Harmer-Strange, lost their seats at the local elections in May when they stood in Wish and South Portslade respectively.

Councillor Carden, who represents North Portslade for Labour, held his seat.

They were each paid a basic allowance of £2,400, which came on top of their basic allowance of just over £11,400 as Brighton and Hove councillors.

Councillors Carden and Harmer-Strange received a special responsibility allowance of £835 while Councillor Kemble, the chairman, received £11,234 extra.

Councillor Kemble received £885 in travel and subsistence allowances and Councillor Carden received £106. Councillor Harmer-Strange did not claim any travel or subsistence payments.

The details of allowances and expenses paid to members of Brighton and Hove City Council can be found by clicking here.

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