Green purge urged by Hove MP

Posted On 07 Jul 2011 at 2:16 am

Hove Conservative MP Mike Weatherley is calling for the eradication of “greens” from the streets of Hove.

It is not, however, the encroaching of Mr Weatherley’s political rivals that is the subject of his latest letter to John Barradell, chief executive of Brighton and Hove City Council.

Mr Weatherley is highlighting the encroaching weeds, in particular, the weeds which he describes as “out of control” in Livingstone Road, Hove.

He said: “I appreciate that Brighton and Hove City Council only has limited resources for weed control but I understand that a purge is typically carried out twice a year on most streets.

“The state of the wildlife along Livingstone Road, however, is quite ridiculous.

“One weed on the pavement was actually taller than me.

“While some of the plants growing from the pavement are actually quite attractive, I don’t think that this can be really held up as an example of a new park in the centre of Hove.

“For whatever reason, the road has been forgotten and the weeds need to be cleared sharpish before somebody has their eye taken out.”

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