Brighton skate park back up for debate

Posted On 04 Oct 2011 at 5:30 am

A revamped skate park in the heart of Brighton has divided opinions as the council prepares a bid for lottery funding to revive the area.

Green councillor Pete West will be considering the skate park at The Level at a meeting this afternoon (Tuesday 4 October).

Earlier this year he agreed that a makeover for The Level would include moving the skate park to the northern end, away from the traditional play area at the opposite end.

He was asked to rethink his plans when more than 3,000 people petitioned Brighton and Hove City Council.

The Spearhead

Labour and Conservative councillors added their voices to the public’s concerns.

The council said that it had consulted 28,000 people about the changes, with 55 per cent in favour of moving the skate park.

Objectors say that parents will not be able to easily monitor children in the play area and the skate park at the same time.

Others say that it may be a problem when the fair is in town or when festival events are held.

Even Councillor West said that he personally preferred it to be rebuilt at the southern end.

Friends of The Level and The Triangle Community Group said that they felt ignored during the consultation process – and their support is critical if the council is to succeed with its lottery funding bid.

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