Free raspberry plants take root across Brighton and Hove

Posted On 22 Jan 2012 at 6:01 pm

Brighton and Hove Food Partnership has given out more than 200 free raspberry canes to local groups to plant in public spaces.

The autumn-fruiting canes are being planted where passers by can see them in places such as parks, community centres, sheltered housing schemes and housing estates.

The giveaway is part of the Food Partnership’s “harvest project”.

One aim of “the big raspberry plant” is to make food growing more visible to inspire people to try it at home.

Jess Crocker, the project manager, said: “We have chosen raspberries because they are attractive plants which need little maintenance but can provide a visible and plentiful harvest of soft fruit which could be picked by passers by as often happens with brambles.”

The scheme began with a short planting session at the Brighthelm Community Centre where groups collected their canes and were given a short lesson on how to plant them successfully.

Sue Korman, at the Brighthelm Centre, said: “We’re delighted to support this unique initiative as Brighthelm is planning a new future as a city centre focus for sustainability.

“We can’t think of anything better than sweet and delicious raspberries straight from our garden.”

The Food Partnership is also seeking nominations to its board of directors as three of the nine elected directors have reached the end of their term in office. They may stand again.

The board also includes three non-voting members from partner organisations – a representative from NHS Brighton & Hove, the primary care trust, a representative of Brighton and Hove City Council and a councillor.

The three vacancies are open to anyone living or working in Brighton and Hove although candidates must be a member of the Food Partnership to stand.

Nominations need to be submitted by noon on Friday 3 February.

Board meetings are held five times a year on a weekday afternoon or early evening in central Brighton.

Board members are also invited to an annual strategic planning meeting to set the Food Partnership’s priorities for work for the year.

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