Brighton music pub saved from the brink of closure again

Posted On 18 Mar 2014 at 9:06 pm

A Brighton pub that is famed for its live acoustic music has been saved from closure for the third time in under two years.

The Greys, on Southover Street, will reopen this Thursday (20 March) under the management of Sharon Barr.

Ms Barr is well known in the Brighton pub trade. She owns The Zone Bar in St James’s Street. She also ran the Gay Village Party at Brighton Pride in 2012.

News of the latest closure was broken on 10 March when owner Marc Tozer announced that he could not afford to continue.

A statement on The Greys’ Facebook page said: “the economics of the roller-coaster have proved not to add up”.

The pub was previously under under threat in October 2012 when long term incumbents Chris Beaumont and Gill Perkins decided not to renew their lease.

Its future was in doubt again when Nathan Wright, who had been running The Greys temporarily after Mr Beaumont and Ms Perkins, decided not to keep the pub on either.

The Greys is particularly known for its live music nights.

Many well-known musicians have played there, including The Mountain Firework Company, Martin Carthy, Boo Hewardine, Buddy Holly guitarist Tommy Allsup and members of The Mavericks.

Music promoter Terrace Cred said: “The Greys’ reputation is bigger than any one landlord”.

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