Brighton and Hove Albion near top of Championship table for cost

Posted On 15 Oct 2014 at 9:40 pm

Brighton and Hove Albion is one of the most expensive clubs for fans to follow in the Championship.

It is also more expensive on a number of measures than many several Premiership sides, according to research published by the BBC.

The broadcaster found that Albion’s award-winning pies were the most expensive of any league team at £4.10 although Conference side Kidderminster charge £4.50. The cheapest pies found in the Championship were at Wigan where they cost £2.40.

Albion topped the Championship in the BBC’s “cheapest day out” category. The £34.70 figure was topped by only 11 out of 20 Premiership clubs.

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Only two Championship sides – Fulham and Ipswich – had more expensive top-priced season tickets than the Seagulls where the price was £715. Blackpool charged £359.

The cheapest Amex season ticket – at £465 – was also the third dearest, beaten only by Norwich and Bournemouth. Charlton charge £150 and 10 out of 20 Premiership sides offer cheaper deals.

The cheapest season tickets for European champions Real Madrid cost £175 and for Barcelona £103. At AC Milan the price is just under £165.

Match-day programmes cost £3.50 at Falmer – a price charged by many clubs although £3 is more common. Only Premiership side Southampton’s £4 programmes cost more.

Replica shirts at £45 are the second dearest in the Championship with Blackburn charging £49.99 and Cardiff, the cheapest, asking £38. Only 10 Premiership sides charge more.

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