Woman, 59, held after cannabis farm found in Brighton loft

Posted On 24 Oct 2014 at 10:16 am

A 59-year-old Brighton woman has been arrested after a drugs raid in Hollingdean.

Sussex Police said that officers found about 18 cannabis plants after executing a drugs warrant in Wolverstone Drive on Tuesday (21 October).

The force said: “On going into the property (officers) found a hydroponic set up in the loft where there were 10 medium-size plants and eight fully grown plants, a total worth around £4,000.

“One woman, a 59-year-old woman from Brighton, was arrested on suspicion of production of cannabis and has been bailed until (Monday) 3 November while investigations continue.

“A 59-year-old man from Brighton attended the police station voluntarily and was questioned for cultivating cannabis.

“He has been released without charge.”

Sergeant James Ward said: “We encourage anyone who has any information about drugs in their area to contact us as we take this very seriously.”

  1. N3TW0RK23 Reply

    SOME FACTS: Associating cannabis users with burglars and hard drug addicts is unfair. There is some evidence that some cannabis users do become psychologically addicted, but not physically like hard class A drug users such as Crack, Heroin, Cocaine, Meth Amphetamine, where burglaries to feeds these extremely addictive drugs may well occur. Cannabis is much less addictive than legal Tramadol, Codeine, legal pain killers and is less addictive and less toxic than Starbucks Coffee. The best way for us to tackle this is to decriminalize cannabis for home grown use of say 6 plants, and this will take the dealers off the streets, OR register Cannabis as a medicine through Doctors and have it safely controlled as it is in Colorado and this will also kill demand on the street. Crime and suicide is way down since they went legal and also made $45million in taxes towards for much needed police resources that was just Colorado. As for this aging couple in the Argus, it was hardly a factory, think about it, I bet you one of them has a chronic illness, Cancer, MS, Crohn’s, Arthritis, Rhumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, or are receiving brutal Cancer treatment, I bet you they were trying to make “Rick Simpson Oil” to treat a chronic illness and or to aid Chemotherapy treatment, sadly “Chemotherapy has a 97% fail rate” Google it, if you made cars with this kind of fail rate would you still be in production? Pyzer Pharmaceuticals patented the THC active molecule in cannabis as a cancer suppressant in 1974, and so many have needlessly died since. Many of us chronically sick in the UK that rely on cannabis for pain relief and it’s anti inflammatory relief of muscle spams and cramps associated with MS, and Fibromyalgia etc and are not criminals we are disabled, we also pay our electric bills, and don’t bypass the electric, many can grow just a few plants via LED lights these days, safer than dealers you don’t know taking risks with unknown strains and growing methods. Now this may shock you so please Google it “Cannabis Oil Cures Cancer” and helps treat 200 other illnesses even Davits Syndrome a killer form of Epilepsy, there’s even electron microscope video evidence showing “cannabis oil kills cancer cells”. As a user for over 20 years I now use less cannabis than I ever have, it’s a fact you need less cannabis the older you get, and have never wanted to rob or steal to get it, I don’t drink, or use tobacco either which are both gateway drugs IMO, I have no desire for any other drugs, especially these legal high synthetic cannabis variants that should be called Lethal Highs, the fact is I save the tax payer thousands in prescription drugs by not needing Citalapran, Prozac, Anti Spasmodics, Codiene, Anti Nausea drugs etc for over 18 years, but still treat my chronic illness myself. Please watch “Cannabis Rising” and “Cannabis Research Studies – 2014” on Youtube. Many youth are also struggling with Alcohol and Tobacco addiction and many are facing Sanctions of unemployment benefits and the stats show that people are 89% more likely to have a psychotic episode without tobacco compared to a cannabis user where the percentage is 14%.

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