Brighton man, 20, convicted of trying to murder two women

Posted On 10 Nov 2014 at 5:29 pm

A Brighton man has been convicted of trying to murder two nurses at their house in March this year.

Connah Smith, 20, of Vernon Terrace, Brighton, was found guilty of attempted murder by a jury at Lewes Crown Court today (Monday 10 November).

He struck in Dean Street, just off Western Road, Brighton, on Saturday 29 March.

One of his victims, Gabby Price, returned home to find Smith outside her door.

He asked to use the toilet and was allowed to do so, as she knew him after working with him for a short amount of time.

When he returned to the front door as if to leave, he slammed it shut and stabbed her. He tied up Miss Price and awaited the return of her flatmate Megan Parson.

When Miss Parson returned, he stabbed her repeatedly.

Smith had a hammer, knives, imitation firearm, a jerry can full of petrol, matches and gaffer tape in a rucksack.

He asked the women how they wanted to die before stabbing them in the head, neck and body a number of times.

And he constantly told them that they were going to be killed, held them under water in their bath and then later forced them to lie on a bed. There he doused them in petrol and threw lit matches at them.

The girls managed to get away only after one of them claimed that she had suffered a miscarriage.

Smith admitted assault causing grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent, threats to kill and false imprisonment. He denied that he intended to kill either victim.

But the jury found him guilty.

Detective Inspector Mick Jones said: “I would like to thank the two victims for the courage they have shown during this trial. Their evidence has led to the conviction of Smith.

“He subjected them to an horrendous ordeal over a seven-hour period which was like something out of a horror movie. Unfortunately for the girls it was a very real experience.

“The jury heard how Smith had planned this attack over a number of weeks leading up to the offence.

“He had researched how to get away with murder as well as forensic matters and serial killers on his home computer.

“I am glad the jury has listened to the evidence and found him guilty to the attempted murder charge he faced.”

Smith is due to be sentenced tomorrow (Tuesday 11 November) by Judge Shani Barnes, the recorder of Brighton and Hove.

The victims said in a statement: “We are really grateful to the jury for listening to all the evidence and believing us when we said that Connah Smith tried to kill us.

“Connah Smith is an extremely dangerous man and we are pleased that his conviction means that he is unlikely to be able to hurt someone else for the foreseeable future.

“We would like to thank Sussex Police and the prosecution counsel for their help and support they have shown us throughout this ordeal.

“We would also like to thank our friends and family for their love and support.”

  1. L Winchester Reply

    What a complete load of rubbish. Roll on the appeal.

  2. l oconnor Reply

    How can it be attempted murder if he gave them a phone to ring an ambulance and left gbh not attempted murder

  3. l oconnor Reply

    how can this be attempted murder if he gave them a phone to ring 999 and left the premises. gbh but not attempted murder

  4. L Winchester Reply

    Why is that they did not try and escape when not even gagged or tied up? Two healthy girls who Instead watched TV with him and laughed throughout the evening..Laughter even was heard by the elderly lady next door.
    Not False prisonment.

  5. P Jackson Reply

    Why no mention of injuries? Is it because there are none or just too minimal to mention?
    What is the definition of stabbing?
    What is the difference between a stab wound and a pin prick?
    Doesn’t torture involve inflicting excessive pain?
    Does the identifical word for word testimonals of two extremely close friends out weight the lack of evidence in todays times?
    Much food for thought and an appeal is a must.

  6. kev Reply

    If only Mr Smith had been able to call the fine legal minds above as witnesses during his trial! His defence team must’ve been smoking crack to overlook such a valuable resource.

  7. marcio Reply

    laughed throughout the evening? Yes because being abused in this way is such a laughable circumstance! The complete lack of intellect from the posters above is outstanding. Please restrain from posting further, as upon reading what you have written, people may become as dumb as you. There will be no appeal. He will serve a very long time, quite rightly so. In fact I think anything he gets is in fact too little. What he did is unforgivable. Especially towards two girls. Now correct me if i am wrong, but that is no less than an act of cowardice. Justice is served!

  8. S Taylor Reply

    The unbelievable stupidity of the persons writing the above comments amazes me. He has got everything he deserves from the awful ordeal he put these girls through, and for a bunch of cretins to voice such ridiculous opinions is offensive and disgusting. You people need help or a slap in the face!
    The excuses you are giving for this disgusting excuse for a person are beyond laughable.
    People should not be subjected to such absurd views which are clearly also very bias, so please save your fairy tails for people who have as few a brain cells as you clearly do.

    • Connahs mother Reply

      Really do you know Connah? Who are you to judge S Taylor. As for you Marcio you have a lot to answer for, l read the Facebook messages that you sent Connah. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for not helping a friend in need or for NOT at least approaching the parents. You discusd me Marcio. You are foul.

  9. Connahs mother Reply

    As for my spelling mistakes please excuse…l am educated bit my glasses are broken and l can’t afford new ones.

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