Brighton and Hove council leader Jason Kitcat nominated for national leadership award

Posted On 10 Feb 2015 at 2:49 pm

Jason Kitcat has been shortlisted for a special award for his “leadership and drive” in negotiating a minority administration.

Councillor Jason Kitcat

Councillor Jason Kitcat

The Brighton and Hove council leader is one of five UK local politicians nominated for the Judges’ Special Award in the 2015 C’llr Achievement Awards.

He was shortlisted “in recognition of his leadership and drive as the head of a first time minority administration, overcoming significant challenges in service of the city and its citizens.”

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Cllr Kitcat said: “I’m delighted and honoured to be shortlisted for this award. Brighton’s many successes are due to the hard work and partnership approach of many people across the city so this nomination recognises all of their efforts.”

The awards, now in their sixth year, are organised by the Local Government Information Unit (LGiU) think tank and CCLA Investment Management Ltd, which

Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive, LGiU said: “After receiving a record number of nominations for the 2015 C’llr Achievement Awards we are delighted to unveil our shortlist of councillors and showcase their outstanding efforts.”

“In a time of austerity, these councillors are in the trenches, innovating and improving the way local government works. We are delighted to recognise their work and look forward to announcing the winners next month.”

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Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony, which takes place on Monday 2nd March at the Lord Mayor’s Parlour, Westminster City Council.

The winners will be selected by a group of judges made up of local government experts and councillors.

  1. Rostrum Reply

    Is it a public vote ?

  2. feline1 Reply

    No, it’s by that unelected meta-quango, the “Local Government Association”, a kind of über-sinecure of non-job loons who couldn’t make it in the real public sector so now work for this unaccountable shadow organisation 🙂

  3. Bear Grrr Reply

    Why? last time I went to Brighton rubbish was overflowing in the streets due to strikes and the cliff walks on Marine Parade were closed due to being dangerous.

  4. Richard Reply

    the man is a joke, who are these idiots to give him an award, he should have been sacked for incompetence. Without his salary.

  5. feline1 Reply

    They’re not just giving him an award, he’s going to WORK for them after he stands down in May.

  6. BhaSeagull Reply

    This is the Daily Mash right?

  7. anne Reply

    Is this meant to be funny? This man is a loser.

  8. Christopher Sparrow Reply

    Some of BHCC’s achievements under the tenure of Jason Kitkat: over-flowing rubbish bins, sea front walkways shut due to lack of investment, sea front street furniture in a shocking state of disrepair, un-ending roadworks, and a main through road in chaos due to subsidence. If that is achievement then I am amazed. Also, what has really been achieved in Brighton over the last few years? Get real!

  9. Kira Reply

    April 1st already?

  10. Tony G Reply

    The Achievements of the Green Party working without overall control since 2011 are many. Central Government imposed cuts during this time have been significant. Your eyes & any open mind could allow you to see many positives…(The Level, 7 Dials, Vogue Gyratory, Equal Pay Settlement, New Council house building & more)
    I have my differences with Mr Kitkat – but blind prejudice makes such knee-jerk mockery easy & meaningless

  11. rachel Ayuba Reply

    This man is not responsible for the lack of government funding to maintain services, repair roads and pathways. He has done his best to promote the green agenda in spite of the cuts. We have fantastic new cycle paths and new speed limits leading to reduced accidents and fatalities on our roads. Just a couple of his achievements…

    • Sid Berry Reply

      Madam . You are living in cloud cuckoo land. Until cyclists behave and adhere to the law of the land and the highway code ALL cycle lanes should be ripped up and road put back to the norm. The new speed limits (Who obeys them) are the heights of stupidity as it does more damage to the environment using lower gears as some cars with five gears are liable to stall at 20 mph. This green party has done incredible damage to this town For instance who in their right mind is going to come to a filthy seaside resort run by a an irresponsible council and pay an outrageous £20 to park a vehicle. No! madam.. You are on another planet.

  12. Sid Berry Reply

    This is directed to the judges or whatever that deal with these things. Sir/Ms’s Do you realise just how much this individual is disliked in Brighton. All he and his partners Lucas, and Avery, etc have achieved is to bring wholesale misery and disruption to this town/city. The whole green party is not fit to rule as they are intent on killing our once great place on the South coast. Please think twice before considering this foul and indiscriminate numbskull and his cronies for any award. THEY HAVE NOT EARNED any compliments whatsoever.

  13. Katy Lewis Reply

    An award should be given rightfully so for drive as this party has successfully driven motorists out of the formerly beautiful city of Brighton and Hove. Well done. Local retailers and born residents applaud you for installing a few little permit holder only bays in appropriate areas, wait no, try the ENTIRE city because sure, we all have a fiver to spend on the bus. Maybe I could walk for an hour and a half each day in the rain instead or pay 4 pounds an hour for parking in the exact same space I have used since I passed my test at 17. Yes, Kitkat. Well done indeed. Brighton residents love you

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