Brighton designer creates bike light which switches itself on in the dark

Posted On 03 Dec 2015 at 3:24 pm

A Brighton designer whose first bike light projects laser images of a bicycle onto the street has now created a companion light which switches itself on in the dark.

University of Brighton graduate Emily Brooke’s first creation, the Blaze Laserlight is now sold in Evans stores across the UK and 51 other countries. .

She has now launched the Blaze Burner, which comes in either red or white for back or front and also features a snap-shut magnetic bracket, which raised the necessary £35,000 to get it into production within a day, with £85,000 now pledged on Kickstarter.

Ms Brooke, a multi-award winner, graduated from the University of Brighton in 2011 in Product Design with Professional Experience and and the Laserlight was her final year project.

Richard Morris, Emily’s course leader and a Principal Lecturer in the University of Brighton’s School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, said: “It’s great to see Emily and other enterprising graduates from our courses doing so well.

“Emily has been passionate about the life-saving potential of her designs and has brought great dynamism and intelligence to the building of a business around this product that she deserves all of the plaudits she receives.”

The Blaze Laserlight retails from Evans at £125, and the Blaze Burner is expected to retail at around £50.

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