Five things we might wake up and worry about at 3am as Brighton & Hove Albion close in on the Premier League

Posted On 25 Apr 2016 at 1:20 pm
By Tim Hodges from behind a cushion

1) Hillsborough – ok, hopefully we won’t be playing there for a while. But just in case we have to go through the formality of the play-offs. Sheffield Wednesday are our likely opponents. Albion have never won at Hillsborough. However, in an under-the-radar shock, missed even by Sky, Cardiff in 7th play Wednesday currently in 6th, this Saturday (30 April) in a pre-play-off play-off.

2) Birmingham v Middlesbrough – more dropped points for Boro this Friday would mean if Albion could beat Derby at the Amex on the bank holiday, they could effectively drop anchor at the Riverside on Saturday 7 May and need just a draw.

3) Burnley v QPR – league rules state all clubs must kick off their last games at exactly the same time. However, the penultimate round of matches are spread over 68 hours! Albion will almost certainly know what they need to do at Boro, dependent on the outcome of this one and will know by about 7pm on Bank Holiday Monday.

4) The pre-play-off play-off – Another one. Possibly. There is a scenario and a – so far – unprecedented scenario that Albion and Burnley could be inseparable on points, goal difference, head to head and goals scored. That would create an almost unimaginable play-off for second place. When and where we don’t know. But that is what Football League rules determine. I originally typed pints instead of points. They’d thrash Burnley on pints in the BUPA Lounge.

5) The Three Degrees – Bobby Zamora. When will I see you again?

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