Brighton Wheel’s disappearing act begins in shrouds of mist

Posted On 11 May 2016 at 2:17 pm

The slow dismantlement of the Brighton Wheel has begun today as the attraction is cloaked in mist and fog.


By Clifford Manny

A huge yellow crane arrived on Monday ready to take down the pods, with the first coming off the wheel this morning.

Brighton Wheel by Paul Russell on Instagram

by Paul Russell

No plans have been announced for the wheel’s next destination, but it has been advertised for sale.

Its owners, Paramount Attractions, were only granted temporary planning permission, which ends this month. A condition of its lease with Brighton and Hove City Council was that it had to come down before the i360 opened, which is due to happen this summer.

However, Paramount has submitted plans for a new zipwire attraction on the Dalstons Bastion site.

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