i360 to open on August 4

Posted On 20 Jul 2016 at 10:16 am

The i360 has finally announced its opening date, with flights starting at 2pm on Thursday, August 4, and ticket sales now open to the public.
Brighton i360 artists impression
Online sales started within the last hour and at present tickets are still available for all slots on the first day, and the first weekend.

City residents can get half price discounts if they sign up for resident membership at an annual cost of £1.

The i360 architects David Marks and Julia Barfield said: “After two years of intense groundbreaking architectural and engineering work on Brighton beach, we are delighted to announce the forthcoming completion of British Airways i360 with tickets now on sale to the public for flights from Thursday 4 August.

“The team behind British Airways i360 has gone beyond the call of duty and created a new landmark they should all be proud of.”

Councillor Warren Morgan, Leader of Brighton and Hove City Council, has today welcomed the news that the British Airways i360 is selling first flights for 4 August.

Cllr Morgan said: “Brighton and Hove depends and thrives on tourism, culture and businesses. It’s attractions like the British Airways i360 that will keep visitors coming to the city time and time again, which is great for local businesses and ultimately residents too.

“Our city has always changed to meet the challenges of the times, whilst retaining its culture and heritage. We must ensure we innovate, compete and prosper as a city but I’m clear that we will also ensure that the benefits of that prosperity will be shared by all.

“The i360 will be a high-quality visitor attraction for an estimated 700,000-750,000 people each year, making it the most visited paid for attraction in Brighton and Hove.

“It will generate destination activity all year round, providing new impetus and support for retail, catering, and hotels by attracting an estimated 27,000 to 49,000 additional overnight visitors to the city – overnight visitors who spend eight times more than day visitors; which in turn creates more jobs for local people and a boosted economy.

“The i360 will also draw additional investment and act as a catalyst for further regeneration of the seafront.

“The profit on the interest from the loan and the business rates which the i360 will pay will earn the city more than £1 million a year. This is £1 million a year which the council will reinvest in Brighton & Hove and help support local services.

“With the i360 leading the way in committing to being one of the few employers in the seafront and city’s tourism and hospitality sector paying the Living Wage, I hope others will follow also suit and become fair employers.”

  1. Al Bion-Street Reply


  2. Pink for Pride Reply

    Just in time for Pride, will they light it up pink?

    • Anon Reply

      I believe, and I’m not 100% sure on this, that there is an LED light system within the pod itself that does light up in various colours; pink is definitely one of them, but the company that made the light system usually includes a “rainbow” function too, which would just be outstanding if it’s true.

  3. Anon Reply

    Excellent! Can’t wait!

  4. Anon Reply

    Cost 43M to build and it’s going to earn 1M a year. And they’re already complaining of “storm damage”. Is this really gonna last 43 years in order to pay for itself?! Absolute joke it’s hideous as well

  5. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    The hypocrisy of cllr Morgan’s quote is boggling.

    He opposed the i360 as (in his memorable guise as cllr No) he is in thrall to the eternal moaners who cannot brook any change. It was left to the other Parties – with much discussion – to bring along something of this order.

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