Barbecue smoke in Millionaires’ Row prompts false alarm plea from firefighters

Posted On 02 Jun 2017 at 6:08 pm

Firefighters were called out when an alarm went off in “Millionaires’ Row” on Hove seafront only to find that it was caused by smoke from a barbecue.

It was one of a number of false alarms yesterday (Thursday 1 June) and this morning, prompting a plea from East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

Western Esplanade from

The fire service said: “At 5pm Brighton firefighters were called to Western Esplanade, Hove, due to a fire alarm sounding, which transpired to be a false alarm, caused by fumes from a BBQ.

“At 6.16am today Brighton firefighters were sent to Ladies Mile Road, in Brighton, due to a fire alarm sounding, as a result of a system fault. The alarm was reset.”

The fire service also attended other false alarms across the county – part of a common recent trend.

The fire service said: “False alarms divert our crews from real emergencies. If you have an alarm, you can help reduce false alarms.

“Remember, fire alarm systems are there to alert occupants to the fact that there may be a fire and depending on your fire risk assessment and emergency plans, it is normally appropriate to investigate first and only to call the fire service if or when there are any signs to indicate that there is actually a fire.

“If you have an automatic alarm system, make sure it is installed properly, that you know how it works and it is serviced regularly by a competent person.

“Best practice requires that false alarms are logged and investigated so that any patterns and trends are identified and dealt with.

“Be aware that steam and dust can trigger alarms and take precautions when possible.

“Ensure staff and/or residents know what to do when the alarm goes off.”

A fire crew from Brighton also tackled a genuine emergency overnight.

The fire service said: “At 3.07am this morning (Friday 2 June) Brighton firefighters were sent to Old Steine following flooding of electrics on multiple floors of a block of flats. Crews isolated the water supply and advice was given.”

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