Two women suffer serious facial injuries in attack on Brighton seafront

Posted On 07 Sep 2017 at 9:39 pm

Two women suffered serious facial injuries when they were attacked on Brighton seafront, Sussex Police said today (Thursday 7 September).

The force said: “Police are appealing for witnesses following an assault on two women in Brighton on Saturday 2 September.

“The victims were walking along King’s Road at about 3.20am when they were involved in an altercation with a group of around eight to ten black men.

“One woman, from Littlehampton, and the other, from Worthing, both 20 years old, suffered serious injuries.

“Both were taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.

“The suspect is described as a black man in his mid-twenties, 5ft 10in, of stocky build and wearing black clothing.”

Detective Constable Daniel Aubrey-Smith said: “This is a particularly violent attack which has resulted in both of the victims receiving serious facial injuries.

“The offender needs to be brought to justice for what he has done.”

Sussex Police said: “Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to report online or call 101 quoting reference 208 of 02/09.

“Alternatively, call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.”

  1. Lorraine Varnam Reply

    I’m responding to the story of 2 women after an altercation with 8 to 10 black men sustains serious facial injury. This is horrible no one deserves this whatever the proceeding altercation may be. I do not condone violence.
    However I would like you to answer me this, if it were a group of white men involved in this attack would you be stating that fact or would you just be saying men?
    The way you have reported this could be an inflammatory to some .In America the white supremusta are marching with lighted torches, right wing racism is rearing its ugly head all over the world. I ask you please do
    not add fuel to this fire think before you report, be aware of the innate racism within you. Where we do not check our selves we support racism. I hope you can see my point

    • Fishwife, 49 Reply

      As is often the case with police press releases, there’s a fine balance to be struck between giving the public enough information to help identify suspects, and risking the stirring up of racial tensions. Given the serious nature of these assaults and the potential for further such attacks while the perpetrators remain at large, I’d suggest Frank’s got it right.

    • Ali Baba Reply

      Of course they would say a group of white men you fool, it’s a description of horrible people attacking women in the most horrific manner. I think you have racial issues anyone without racial issues wouldn’t even have thought of that. White, Muslim, Hispanic, Chinese, Indian it doesn’t matter if that is their race that is how they will be described. I have no issue being described in that way and I come from a multi racial family who have no issue being described by their race. Please, please, please can people stop being over the top about such things and maybe we can finally get these issues under control.

    • Edward Paul Campbell Reply

      Just like the ‘racism of low expectations’ where a Muslim man was shouting “Allahu Akbar” whilst breaking the jaw of a gay man outside Legends Bar, here in Kemp Town, last May, 2016. ‘Nothing to do with Islam’, according to police. And his Lewes Crown Court trial has been mysteriously swept under the carpet by police, court records, and the Brighton media, and his details were deleted from a report of two attacks on gays in Brighton in the same weekend, on the Brighton Police LGBT Squad FaceBook page. While the photographs, lurid details and sentences of the two young white attackers, were splashed across the B & H LGBT Police Squad FaceBook page just last month. Racism indeed. Anti-white homophobic racism publicised, whilst a vicious Muslim attack with a knuckle duster gets a publicity ‘free pass’ on the prosecution follow-up…

  2. Nick Lewis Reply

    It’s descriptive. If it was 10 skinheads with swastika tattoos that would be used to describe the attackers.

  3. Dave Reply

    I agree in principle Lorraine ,but this description was necessary for identification.

  4. Gary Palmer Reply

    They aint being racist they are just stating they were black males .

  5. Mike Mouse Reply

    PC liberals are responsible for the toning down of the facts when illegal black and muslim male gangs attack white women – PC treatment of 1400 white underage non muslim girls in Rochdale over 30 years by Pakistani muslims and it is still going on- the reason is that muslim misogynist attitude to non muslim women is bred into muslim men by islamic sharia law that women are just chattels and can be abused. The facts that black men attacked white women should never be hidden by PC liberals apologising for a group of predatory parasites who are the very opposite of liberalism.
    what will you be expecting when police CCTV record you being attacked on Brighton seafront?

  6. Francesca Reply

    It’s just a description: like “white male with a beard ” that’s all. For Gods sake. That’s all. They need to be caught and how can they be caught if the police can’t describe their appearance?

  7. Jean Calder Reply

    This is a possible targeted hate crime against women, yet instead of outrage at a terrible assault some of your commentators seem to want to play it down in order not to appear ‘racist.’. Misogyny and indifference to violence against women, combined with liberal sensibilities about men of minority ethnic background, created the betrayal of abused girls and women in Rotherham and elsewhere. We seem to have learned nothing.

  8. Brother Alex Reply

    For everyone to be defensively and arrogantly making choice comments, i wlll say you are all egocentric and stupid. ‘A group of eight to ten black men’ said by the police is not giving a good description and those attacked are in pain and they need help from the public. There are lot of group of black in this country and every community, we don’t want to continue encouraging lawlessness and racism. Brighton and Hove is on the rise of violence and homelessness, increase in education and security training might help to reduce all these crime and violence. Please, please help those facing pain through this attack. God bless Brighton and Hove.

  9. el Cid 2 Reply

    Why argue about how this is being reported. What matters is that two young women were attacked and society failed to protect them. What is the matter with us? Where are the police? Where are the British men?

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