Brighton and Hove’s Heritage Open Days 2017 – a resounding success!

Posted On 09 Sep 2017 at 5:10 pm

We all learn so much during our Shoreham Port Tour

This years Heritage Open Days in and around Brighton and Hove has been a tremendous success!

This annual celebration of England’s glorious and often overlooked and forgotten architectural and cultural buildings has been extremely interesting and the Brighton & Hove News reporters have really enjoyed themselves and would really like to thank all of the volunteers that have made our 4 days a truly memorable experience – we have learnt so much about some of our city’s exceptional buildings.

If you failed to attend any of this year’s events, then we would strongly recommend that you allow time to do so for 2018 – visit:

Our busy 4 day schedule took in no less than 14 special events and we are sharing a selection of our photos with you for inspiration for next year.

Thursday 7th September schedule –

9:30 am Regency Town House Tour, Brunswick Square

11:00 am Embassy Court Tour

1:15 pm Kemp Town Railway Tunnel

2:00 pm Parish Church of St Paul, West Street

4:00 pm Palace Pier History Tour (alas our guide didn’t turn up)

Regency Town House Tour in Brunswick Square

Regency Town House Tour, Brunswick Square

Regency Town House Tour, Brunswick Square

The illusion of being on a cruise liner from the roof of Embassy Court

Embassy Court

Outstanding sea views from Embassy Court

Iconic design of Embassy Court

Kemp Town Railway Tunnel

Entering Kemp Town Railway Tunnel

Parish Church of St Paul in West Street

Stained glass window in the Parish Church of St Paul, West Street

Parish Church of St Paul, West Street

Friday 8th September schedule –

10:00 am Duke of Yorks Cinema

11:15 am Brighton College

2:30 pm Shoreham Port Tour

6:15 pm Pubs, Banks and Pylons, the architectural legacy of John Leopold Denman

Exterior of the Duke of Yorks Cinema

Our interesting tour guide at the Duke of Yorks Cinema gets into character!

Meet Jimmy the Projectionist at the Duke of Yorks Cinema – he loves his job!

Statue remembering those that had given their lives during wartime

Terrific staircase within Brighton College

It’s amazing that these proprties on the A259 opposite Shoreham Port are built on top of these arches!

The quayside at Shoreham Port

Loading the boat on a grand scale at Shoreham

Enourmous crane at the harbour

The end of the line

Picture taken from the locks at Shoreham Port

Very interesting Shoreham Port Tour

Port of Shoreham boats

Barclays Bank in North Street, Brighton – a classic Denman building

Torrential downpour during or Denman tour – but nobody gave up!


Saturday 9th September schedule –

10:00 am Brighton Quakers Meeting House, Ship Street

10:30 am Theatre Royal Tour

Brighton Quakers Meeting House, Ship Street

View of the Theatre Royal Brighton from an actors point of view

Sunday 10th September schedule –

11:00 am Sussex Masonic Centre, Queens Road

1:00 pm Brighton Dome Tour

2:30 pm New Venture Theatre Tour, Bedford Place

3:45 pm Middle Street Synagogue

The exterior of the Sussex Masonic Centre in Queens Road

Sussex Masonic Centre hallway – looking up

Sussex Masonic Centre staircase in hallway

Impressive interior of Sussex Masonic Centre

Elegant ceiling and interior of Sussex Masonic Centre

Sussex Masonic Centre

The Dome concert hall towards the stage

The Dome concert hall from the stage

Behind the scenes at Brighton Dome – the stars dressing room

The secret tunnel from Brighton Dome to the Royal Pavilion – very exciting!

New Venture Theatre in Bedford Place

New Venture Theatre bar

New Venture Theatre relaxing garden area

Middle Street Synagogue – upper level

Stained glass window in the Middle Street Synagogue

Middle Street Synagogue in Brighton

Middle Street Synagogue

Roll on 2018……………………………………………………………………………..


  1. Norman Vener Reply

    Lived in Brighton many years and found photos of places I’d never entered fascinating.

  2. Martin Fuller Reply

    Great event, thank you for some great photos


      I am glad that you enjoyed them Martin


    Yes Norman it was very fascinating! Thanks for your interest.

  4. Jan Hinchy Reply

    Interesting and great photos. Must do a Duke of Yorks tour as have been a member for many years. Including Numan in La la land. First saw two Bond films there in the 70s as a kid.

    • Nick Linazasoro Reply

      Thanks for your interest Jan.

  5. Clinton Reply

    More fascinating pictures of things we would not normally see even if we walked past them every day. Thank you for sharing these.

    • Nick Linazasoro Reply

      Thank you for reading the article and taking time to comment.

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