Brighton school to learn whether it can build new sports hall

A Brighton school is to learn whether it can have planning permission to build a new sports hall tomorrow (Wednesday 18 July).

Patcham High School also wants to create an artificial pitch for students to play football, rugby and hockey and floodlit netball and tennis courts.

A decision is expected on Wednesday (18 July) when Brighton and Hove City Council Planning Committee is due to discuss the plans.

Head teacher John McKee said: “This is a massively important decision for the school.

“An all-weather pitch and sports hall will transform our sports facilities and ensure a healthier future for a new generation of children.”

The council has received 91 objections and 321 letters of support for the £4 million project.

Patcham councillors Carol Theobald, Geoffrey Theobald and Lee Wares support the project but have asked for flood prevention work.

They would like part of a proposed £15,000 contribution towards sustainable transport be spent on real-time bus information boards in the area.

In a joint letter they wrote: “As the proposal will improve young people’s health and wellbeing, improve their sporting capabilities, will offer a wider range of sports and for those sports to be available all year round, we hope that the application is granted permission.

“At present, many outdoor sporting activities are prevented during parts of the year due to the wet ground conditions of the grassed playing fields.

“Further, the proposal will benefit the wider community providing local facilities that presently do not exist.”

Patcham High School

Flooding was listed among the concerns by people objecting to the scheme, along with noise, parking problems and the impact of floodlights on neighbours.

A report to councillors supports the scheme, with conditions. One of these would limit the hours of use to 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 4pm on Saturdays, Sundays, bank holidays and public holidays.

The council’s Planning Committee is due to discuss the application at Hove Town Hall tomorrow (Wednesday 18 July).

The meeting is due to start at 1pm and should be open to the public.

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    What people don’t realise is. That if land is not used for pupils sooner or later it will be used for housing then they will have something to moan about

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