Hove policewoman’s pheasant day’s work rescuing lost bird

Posted On 09 Oct 2018 at 11:00 am

A policewoman on patrol in Hove encountered her “weirdest job ever” when she helped rescue a pheasant from a Regency balcony.

Pc Georgie Edge was patroling Brunswick Square when she was told about the lost bird, and managed to track him down to some bushes before releasing him on Devil’s Dyke.

PC Edge said: “A member of the public approached us on patrol in Hove on 24 September and told us about the bird, so we went to have a look and spotted him in bushes in Brunswick Square, which I know isn’t the usual habitat for a pheasant.

“He flew up into a closed window, stunning himself and ended up looking a little bit forlorn on a ledge.

“The flat owner let us in and with the help of my colleague, PCSO Tim Bond, I managed to retrieve him from the ledge. After a few pecks and plenty of hissing – from the bird, not me – we managed to get him in a box and took him up the road to Devil’s Dyke where we let him go.

“He made a swift flight for freedom and not even a word of thanks. It’s the weirdest job I’ve ever had in policing!”

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