Five candidates stand in Sussex police and crime commissioner election

Posted On 09 Apr 2021 at 12:11 pm

Five candidates are standing in the Sussex police and crime commissioner election next month.

Katy Bourne, who won the first election to be Sussex PCC in 2012 and was re-elected five years ago, is the Conservative candidate.

She faces a challenge from Paul Richards (Labour), Jamie Bennett (Liberal Democrat), Kahina Bouhassane (Green) and independent Roy Williams.

Election day is Thursday 6 May, having been postponed last year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Nominations closed yesterday (Thursday 8 April).

Electors can vote for a first and second preference candidate.

Brighton and Hove City Council is conducting this year’s PCC election in Sussex.

The council said: “From Thursday 15 April, you will be able to find out information on the candidates including their aims and proposals by visiting the Choose My PCC website.”

Anyone wanting to vote will need to have registered by Monday 19 April. The council said: “If you’re not already registered, or you’ve recently moved, go to

“Think about the best voting option for you. Polling stations will be safe places to vote in May but there are other ways to vote.

“If you’d rather not go to a polling station, or you won’t be able to get to one on the day, you can apply for a postal or proxy vote.

“If you want to vote by post, apply early so your postal vote can be sent to you more quickly. You must apply for a postal vote by Tuesday 20 April at the latest.

“You can also ask someone you trust to vote on your behalf. This is known as a proxy vote. You should apply for a proxy vote by Tuesday 27 April.”

The council said: “The candidates for the Sussex police and crime commissioner election on Thursday 6 May 2021 have been confirmed. The candidates are

  • Jamie Frank Bennett (Liberal Democrats)
  • Kahina Suzanna Bouhassane (Green Party)
  • Katy Elizabeth Bourne (Conservative)
  • Paul Adrian Richards (Labour and Co-operative Party)
  • Roy Thomas Williams (Independent)
  1. Jon Reply

    Even the politicians, Hannan & Cars well, who originally proposed PCCs have said it hasn’t worked out.
    Katy Bourne is the best example. She’s supposed to represent the public but the Tory Party cut Police funding for a decade, she says that Police cuts & station closures are the Police Chief’s decision when they’re due to Tory funding cuts. Serious crime rises since she got the job but she says nothing because it reflects on the Tory Government and then she starts raising the Police precept to 7x the inflation rate on the basis of dubious loaded public consultations.
    If you want to find out how much her Wages, PCC office and Expenses cost she publishes a 40 page accountants report which no-one can understand .
    And by being responsible and accountable for FA she ensures that hardly anyone will care except the Tory faithful in a Tory county at the PCC elections.
    And if the media ever bother to ask questions about funding, cuts, crime rises she just say they’re the Police Chief’s responsibility.
    And she’ll be re-elected in May

  2. Tony Morris Reply

    We are all less safe thanks to Conservative failures at national and local levels. Cuts have caused irreparable damage to emergency and other essential services that will cost us much more in the long run. From failed Children’s Services and Fire & Rescue Services in West Sussex, to an inadequately resourced police service, to the monumental failure to protect us from a pandemic that had been at the top of the Government’s risk register for ten years, it has been failure after failure.

    • Chaz. Reply

      Meanwhile Momentum were not elected to run the country.
      Wonder why that was Tony?
      Have a lie down dear.

  3. Ethan Reply

    Given that the government is currently trampling centuries of progress on hard-won civil rights, I’m voting Roy Williams. He’s the only one that recognises basic freedoms (like speech and assembly) which shouldn’t be abridged by the government, and would direct policing efforts accordingly.

    The rest of the candidates will just give us more of the same:

    Katy Bourne – current strong arm of the government(NHS) and toe-step with the Government which has stripped the land of freedom

    Kahina Bouhassane – wants to make misogyny a hate crime? – Yes George O, the Thought Police are are here

    Paul Richards – more “restorative justice”? Great, let’s push further with a concept already proven to be a failure

    Jamie Bennett – don’t know much about him – might get my second choice for at least his platform isn’t oozing insanity as the other three.

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