Racecourse to consider putting gates in so walkers can access blocked footpaths

Posted On 29 Apr 2021 at 9:19 am

Part of the new fencing put up around the racecourse. Picture by Trevor May

Brighton Racecourse is considering installing gates in new fencing they’ve put up along Freshfield Road which has blocked a footpath used by locals for decades.

It has told Brighton and Hove City Council it put up the new fencing along its grassed car park to create a horse box parking area.

And it said for Covid safety reasons, only people who have tested negative for the virus can access it.

People accessing the vaccination centre or Dobbies on foot from bus stops or walking up from Whitehawk now have to cross the notoriously fast moving road twice or walk on the side of it, as there is no pavement on much of the racecourse side.

However, although residents say it has been used as a cut through for at least 20 years, the threshold for having a footpath designated as a right of way, it is currently not an official one.

A council spokesperson said: “The path from Freshfield Road to Warren Road that runs alongside the car park for the racecourse to the garden centre is not a public right of way.

“It is on council land that is leased to Brighton Racecourse.

“The fencing put up by Brighton Racecourse that has blocked the path is to create a horse box parking area. For Covid safety reasons this has to be accessible only to people who have been tested negative.

“We have been contacted by residents who are concerned about pedestrian safety because of the closure of the path.

“They have asked us to explore whether a gate could be installed to allow residents access to the path on non-race days.

“We understand these concerns and are currently in discussions with the racecourse about them.

“The racecourse are investigating the installation of gates for use on non-race days.

“We hope we will be able to arrive at a solution that all parties are happy with.”

  1. Stuart mather Reply

    I’ve walked along there since the 70’s on the way from school. And there has always access for dog walking

  2. roy pennington Reply

    “It is on council land that is leased to Brighton Racecourse.” Exactly: and what is the democratic process in these cases? How is “Brighton Racecourse” “accountable to its actions? There used to be one councillor sitting on the “Brighton Racecourse” Board….

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