Children need a crossing by the cemetery more than a cycle lane, says councillor

Posted On 24 Sep 2021 at 12:01 am

Forget the Old Shoreham Road cycle lane, a Hove councillor said, it’s time to put in a crossing by the cemetery.

Dawn Barnett and residents celebrate the removal of the Old Shoreham Road cycle lane

Conservative councillor Dawn Barnett said that a crossing would make more sense and help more people who don’t want to rely on a car to get around.

The Hangleton and Knoll ward councillor has previously called for a crossing by the cemetery gates, along with her colleague Councillor Nick Lewry.

She is now repeating her call for a crossing for the many children who live south of Old Shoreham Road and who cross the road to go to school.

She spoke out after celebrating the scrapping of the cycle lane with local residents.

Councillor Barnett said: “It was great to meet with residents again to mark the completion of works to remove the temporary cycle lane in Old Shoreham Road.

“They are thrilled that the cycle lane has been removed and that Stapley Road will stay open – and we’ve had a lot emails from residents saying how thankful they are that it’s gone.

“The roads are now clear with no hold-ups and no fumes from cars queuing up, especially around the refuse tip.

“If activists can have a mock funeral procession protest at Hove Cemetery – which I think is disgusting when genuine mourners show their respects to loved ones buried there – we can certainly have a celebration.

“We had a celebratory glass of wine and a piece of cake to mark the completion of works.”

Councillor Nick Lewry and Councillor Dawn Barnett

A crossing by the cemetery would also help funeral processions as they come and go as well as those who visit the graves of those they have lost, she added.

Many children also cross Old Shoreham Road after heading through the Aldrington tunnel on their way to school.

It took years of campaigning to have a crossing put in there and many now use it before they walk up Holmes Avenue each morning and back each afternoon.

Councillor Barnett said that walking was the most common form of active travel but said that some people seemed to assume that active travel measures should only help cyclists.

  1. Andy Richards Reply

    Having succeeded in returning OSR to its former racetrack status, Cllr Barnett now demands a crossing for the kiddies – with no sense of irony whatsoever.

    Satire is truly dead………..

  2. Idgie Reply

    I mean it’s not like there were plans for improved crossings and pavements around the OSR, the funding for which has now been suspended due to the decision to re-create an urban dual carriageway in a residential area. Wouldn’t do to note in the article that Barnett’s campaigning against the lane has had a direct impact on the council’s ability to fund new walking infrastructure.

  3. IanB61 Reply

    Surprised the Labour Party weren’t out there celebrating with their new Tory chums. They could even have got Keir Starmer along to rejoice about making cycling more dangerous for children and losing a big slug of funding to support further cycling and walking projects.

    Well done those councillors!

  4. DMR Reply

    I cycled in to work today along OSR and was nearly taken out on three occasions. Removing the cycle lane with no provision for cyclists at all is a disgrace and simply dangerous. Perhaps Dawn and Nick could become lollipop ladies/men to assist all the school children who are now too scared to cycle and have to walk?

    • Chaz. Reply

      There was never a cycle lane along OSR, then there was for a year and a half and about 10 a day used it which is why it was removed.
      So either you didn’t ever cycle along OSR or you are just telling porkies for your Green pals.
      I wonder which? Wake up dear.

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