Bella Union artist BC Camplight to play concert in Hove’s The Old Market

Posted On 02 Nov 2021 at 2:48 pm

BC Camplight will shortly be performing live in Hove

Local concert promoters Melting Vinyl have recently announced that Bella Union records artist BC Camplight will be performing his first concert in Brighton & Hove since his previous sold-out show back in 2019. The new concert will be taking place on Wednesday 17th November at The Old Market, which is located at Upper Market Street, Hove BN3 1AS.
Tickets can be purchased HERE and HERE.

Brian Christinzio is the inimitable force behind BC Camplight. His fifth album, ‘Shortly After Takeoff’, is the final and finest chapter of what he calls his Manchester Trilogy, following on from 2015’s ‘How To Die In The North’ and 2018’s ‘Deportation Blues’. All three albums were created after the native Philadelphian moved to Manchester.

BC Camplight’s ‘Shortly After Takeoff’ album

‘Shortly After Takeoff’ is Christinzio’s best, most authentically honest, and frequently heart-breaking record to date. The album explores the singer-songwriter’s ongoing battle with mental illness and offers a leap forward in song writing sophistication and lyrical communication. Christinzio says the album is “an examination of madness and loss” and he hopes the themes will start a “long-overdue conversation”.

The album also showcases his classic style; a gnarly synth-pop with 50s rock’n’roll tones, and a flexible vocal which carries a fearless approach to lyrical introspection. ‘Shortly After Takeoff’ ends with the gorgeously tender 93-second ‘Angelo’, which he wrote in honour of his father. Christinzio says this song presents “a little fleeting moment for my dad. I wanted his name on the album and something that sounded like a goodbye. It ends with the drums, like a heartbeat stopping…”

The Old Market is the venue of choice for the BC Camplight concert (pic Nick Linazasoro)

One regret Christinzio has is that his father never saw him experience any level of success. “I wish he could have seen what I’ve started to do here”, he says. “I certainly gave that guy more grey hairs than he deserved. He would have liked to see this.”

Christinzio is delighted to be performing live again. He says of his performing style;

“I’m pretty sure the BC Camplight live experience isn’t something you can find elsewhere. It is a journey every night. One moment, I’m basically doing a stand-up routine and the next, the band and I are playing like we plan on dying that evening, giving our everything. Then I’m on speakerphone to my Mom on stage before assaulting my piano. I’m very thankful that, after all this time, the audience is finally there.”

Check out the sound of BC Camplight on his Bandcamp page HERE.

Concert flyer

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