Calls for pedestrian bridge over dangerous roundabout

Councillors want to see a footbridge built across a busy junction to link communities split by a major road.

Hangleton and Knoll councillor Tony Janio wants a report into funding a pedestrian bridge across the Hangleton Link Road (A293) to allow people to cross from Hangleton Lane to Fox Way.

The former Conservative group leader, now independent councillor, hopes money received from developers through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) to cover the cost of a footbridge, long called for by both Hangleton and Knoll and North Portslade councillors.

In his motion before the Full Council on Thursday 16 December, Councillor Janio said: “The construction of the Brighton Bypass has been a great success, but the necessity for a ‘Hangleton Link Road’ effectively severed informal links between North Portslade and Hangleton, as the level of traffic throughput through the Hangleton Lane/Hangleton Link/Fox Way roundabout means it is treacherous to cross.

“A permanent improvement to the crossing has been requested by local councillors over many years, as the demand to cross this busy junction has not abated.

“Some improvements, such as the improvement of sightlines, a reduction of the speed limit, and other ways of slowing the traffic, are possible solutions, but the only sensible way to re-establish the link between the communities of North Portslade and Hangleton would be to provide a pedestrian bridge.

“The introduction of the CIL provides an opportunity to access the required funds to fund the long-awaited pedestrian bridge.”

Former Labour now independent councillor for North Portslade, Peter Atkinson, is seconding the motion.

Councillor Atkinson is aware any potential funding is likely to come from large housing developments in the area.

He said: “This doesn’t mean that I’m in favour of a potential development although it could prevent further housing on the Benfield Valley site.

“It will be down to the Planning Committee ultimately, and if it did get the go-ahead, we want to make sure that any monies attached to the application is put to good use and for the benefit of the local community.

“This crossing is a very dangerous one and is one of the longest-standing issues that residents have contacted me about since I was elected in 2015.”

The Full Council meeting starts at 6pm on Thursday 16 December at Hove Town Hall.

The meeting is scheduled for webcast on the council website.

  1. Nathan Adler Reply

    A really good idea and if we want to encourage a more active lifestyle who could oppose it.

  2. Julie Reply

    I have been asking for a solution to make it easier for pedestrians to cross the Hangleton Link Rd for ages, but is a footbridge the best solution? Traffic lights with cossings at the exits of all four roads onto the roundabout would enable people to cross roads easily and enable vehicles held up by the unending flow of traffic on the Hangleton Link Rd, to emerge from Fox Way and Hangleton Lane onto the roundabout.

  3. caeos Reply

    they missed the chance to build a bridge or underpass when they built the road, like the old footpath to sainsbury goes under the road.

  4. Under not over Reply

    The trouble is is that this is obviously the main link from the A27 to Shoreham Port. As such there are, and will always be, a number of abnormal loads that need to use this route. A bridge would impede this.

    An underpass would be better.

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