Tyre deflaters claim hundreds of ‘gas guzzlers’ targeted overnight

Posted On 10 May 2022 at 9:53 am

Guerilla climate campaigners claim they have deflated the tyres of 250 gas guzzling cars in Brighton and Hove overnight.

Sports utility vehicles – or SUVs – in Queen’s Park, Preston Park, Seven Dials, Hove, Poet’s Corner and Denmark Villas were targeted by Tyre Extinguishers, who have been letting down tyres and sometimes slashing them since March.

Police shared grainy CCTV footage of two suspects walking along Bernard Road in March in a bid to identify them. But although the investigation – dubbed Operation Extinguisher – continues, no arrests have yet been made.

The campaign, who have also struck in other UK towns and cities, say SUVs are an unnecessary “climate disaster”, cause air pollution and make roads more dangerous.

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They say their aim is to make it impossible to own an SUV in the world’s urban areas. The Telegraph has advised car buyers to avoid SUVs as a result of the campaign.

Spokeswoman Marion Walker said: “It’s exciting to see how fast the campaign is spreading! Anyone can join in where they are. We want to see SUVs put in the dustbin of history, and this is the fastest way to do it.”

Inspector Nicky Stuart, of Brighton and Hove’s Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We understand the impact these crimes have on the community and I would like to reassure the public that our officers are working hard to catch those responsible.

“We are exploring several lines of enquiry, but as always the public are our eyes and ears.

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“If you see anything suspicious, have relevant dashcam, doorbell or CCTV footage, or any information that could help, contact police online or by calling 101, quoting Operation Extinguisher.”

  1. Peter Challis Reply

    Do they target all SUVs independent of the size or the fuel used? What about EVs or ULEZ SUVs?

    Seems these “Guerilla climate campaigners” are about as clueless as typical Green Party activists and are so set on pushing their ideology without any real understanding of the issue involved.

    Could Jo enlighten the police with details of who Marion Walker is (this is probably just a pseudonym to that she can hide her identity)?

  2. James Reply

    I don’t like monster size SUVs or diesels of any size but TAX is the way (residents permits) NOT criminal damage.

  3. Robert Pattinson Reply

    These thugs are just against the State. I wonder if they accept State benefits? I hope they are found and jailed.

  4. Tee Reply

    If the tyres are not repaired, then they are recyled (fuel intensive) or burned. Unnecessary further toxic gases released into the environment.. Before taking action, we must remember to put our thinking caps on

  5. Mick Reply

    More night time random stops by cops would be a good start

  6. Tea Reply

    I wonder how they think they get their avocados delivered- by bike ?

    • Dad Reply

      Reading their flyer reminds me of watching my 4 year olds dressing up in adult clothes.

      Petitioning the government to increase fuel/road tax could possibly achieve better results regarding SUV use reduction.

      They could even get legitimate jobs working in the green sector to help with dealing with the issues.

      Stay safe kids


  7. Terry McDermott Reply

    Loads of cars targeted in Queens Park Area Jo. Targeting any car by the looks of it including electric and small cars.

  8. Me Reply

    Ofcourse switching the engine on to plug the pump in uses no fuel. Don’t see them letting down the buses tyres (brighton biggest polluters fact) narrow minded idiot’s who think that this will save the planet. Why not ask your council that you obviously voted for when are they going to do something about the pollution in the town and increase the products they recycle

  9. Hove Guy Reply

    So, if 250 cars were affected, where were the police at the time?
    I long for the day when I can read about these moronic thugs being caught by the owners of the vehicles, and being given a lesson in ‘deflation” that they will never forget.

  10. Preston Parker Reply

    Good luck to them. SUVs shouldn’t be in urban environments

    • Helen Reply

      Preston Parker
      There’s a young lady who has such a vehicle who lives on our estate, she works for a Veterinary Practice and is sometimes called out to visit Farms and attends road traffic collisions involving large wild life.
      My neighbour also has a SUV, his son is disabled and needs various machines that need transporting around with him.
      Any comments to make on that.

      • Robyn Reply

        I am a glider pilot. We often have to drive into fields to retrieve gliders and drive out with 1tonne or more of glider in trailer without needing a huge SUV. It would have made it easier but so would a tractor.

        • Helen Reply

          Not sure if your comment was directed at me but in reply the key word you use is trailer, you use that for a certain type of cargo you are towing.

  11. Hove Resident Reply

    Tyres let down so had to call out an even larger green flag vehicle to pump them up again. No thought of who may own the car or their medical or personal needs for that vehicle. Ignorance on a different level. Better ways to protest.

  12. Noel Robinson Reply

    I have an EV, do not have to switch on to charge it. I love the fact that the press are calling them Guerrillas, this makes me feel better when I batter one if I catch them letting down my tyres. There ignorance or pure malice is quite apparent when they let down tyres of electric vehicles.

  13. Jason Reply

    The police won’t touch any of these government-sponsored terrorist groups operating under a multitude of “environmental” and “human rights” labels.

  14. Martin Reply

    The ‘manufacturing’ Co2 damage alone is reason enough not to own/lease a SUV; Electric or Petrol/Diesel. No one needs a car that big & heavy. Worse still, in 3 years they’ll chop out out for another one!

    • Helen Reply

      You’re entitled to your opinion, but there are plenty of reasons why people NEED these types of vehicles. To say ‘no-one’ needs a car that big is wrong and inaccurate.

      • Grenze2000 Reply

        Actually I was in France the other week and you never see full size SUVs at all, save for a few mainly driven by enthusiasts as a toy. The farmers and builders all drive poverty spec Iveco 4wd vans or Dacia dusters. The idea people need a luxury tank to plug around a building site in seems to be a uniquely anglophone thing. I actually have a Nissan navara, but purely as a toy for camping etc. and I bought it myself and pay the tax myself, no relying on tax payer subsidies or handouts

  15. Ned Reply

    We own a 1.0L petrol hybrid Puma which does 50 mpg (apparently a “gas guzzler”…). Low emissions, low tax.

    My partner has mobility issues due to arthritis and needs a car with higher seats – she can’t get into or out of a typical saloon car. She can’t easily get to or use public transport.

    My job means I work at rural construction sites across three counties and public transport is just not an option.

    We own the car out of necessity.

    We don’t need some self-centred idealist children deflating tyres in the middle of the night. They don’t know our circumstances and don’t give a toss, which is worse…

    The sooner the police get a grip on the situation the better. If they don’t, this will escalate and people will take the law into their own hands.

  16. Mark Reply

    Finally some good news 😊

  17. Mark Reply

    Thinking of moving to brighton from London -reading the comments has swung it ! Your all so quaint down here 😊

  18. Grenze2000 Reply

    The vehicles they are targeting are basically tall hatchbacks, we don’t really get proper SUVs in Europe anymore. The few proper truck based SUVs we do get are mainly purchased by farmers, builders and tradies as a tax dodge. I’d suggest they go after these and lobby the govt to change their tax status from a van to a passenger car, like they are in France and the Netherlands, etc.. would be much more productive than going around popping the tyres on hatchbacks of middle aged suburban housewives…
    Then again what would these useful idiots know about anything away from Twitter or the Guardian

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