Bizarre job ad for Brighton and Hove's new super-directors

Posted On 08 Jun 2010 at 7:59 am

Brighton and Hove City Council has launched its search for four new £125k super-directors with a bizarre online website, which tells Status Quo fans they cannot apply.

The site,, features a video of chief executie John Barradell and council leader Mary Mears explaining the new roles, which will replace the six existing heads of department.

They stress the role the directors will play in making services efficient – a priority in the face of big cuts from central government – and in an echo of David Cameron’s Big Society, working with voluntary services and residents to deliver them.

It adds: “A love of classic rock is optional.”

In the video, John Barradell says: “What we’re looking for in our strategic directors are people who really can work across the city with our partners in the private, public and voluntary services to keep this place at the forefront of public sector delivery.”

He added: “Brighton’s a place that people love – nine tenths of themn think this is a great place to live and yet they don’t credit the council as much with delivering that place to them. They don’t rate us as highly as they ought to.

“We all know that great places have great councils. This is a great place, we do have a great council but we have to bridge that gap. We have to get people understanding what we do for them every day.”

Mary Mears says: “We must focus on outcomes not processes. Effectiveness and efficiency, not just how much money we put in, and above all put residents at the heart of this vision.”

The job ad has met with mixed reaction on Twitter. President of the Brighton Chamber of Commerce Julia Chanteray called it “interesting”.

But Brighton resident Jack Upton said: “This is the single s***est thing Brighton and Hove council has ever done. F***ing embarassment.”

And Brighton blogger and Labour Party member Dan Wilson said: “Tory Brighton council cuts £600k from the SureStart budget and then spends £500k on 4 strategy jobs. Awful.”

A 90-day consultation on the restructure of the council started this month and is due to finish on August 31.

Click here to see details of the full scheme.

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  2. disgusted Brighton Reply

    They keep talking about ‘savings’ and reducing workforce and services, yet they can find over £125k for one director. This does not take into account the fees paid to produce the video and to the consultants engaged to design the ‘Application pack’ and promotion. I would guess the total costs are more likely to be nearer the £700-800k. Obviously the leaders are incompetent to lead hence they need to appoint consultants to tell them what they are being paid for.
    GOOD OLD BRIGHTON AND HOVE LEADERSHIP, you know how to take the piss out of the tax paying residents. Get rid rid of this legalised racket !

  3. Chris Reply

    This is no doubt about employing people who will be responsible to slash services for everyone. From refuse collection to schools and social services…it’s called “lean management”

    Sounds great but in reality it will be at a cost to us all because no doubt they’ll just cut jobs and standards will fall.

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